Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son recreate a famous Terminator 2 scene

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I saw some commentary on this on Inside Edition or something, and they were like, “He looks just like him. Look at the jaw.”

I was like - well he does look like him, but no, his jaw is the one part that is least like Arnold, especially the chin that goes in, vs Arnold’s that juts out.


This would be the one he occasionally forgets he fathered?

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Give the guy a break, he has taken a lot of blows to the head over the years.

It’s not his head that got him in trouble.

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Isn’t it :wink:

“Just da tip, Patty.”


One is blocked and the other is geo-blocked.

I love the internet

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I was just going to ask, was it the one he fathered with a domestic servant?

Not the big one, anyway.


It is a close recreation in the way that the shots are composed, but Arnold is just so much more convincing as robot-from-da-future man.

Probably due to his giant, chiseled face.

Agreed, neither actor in the recreation does particularly well. Arnold’s son isn’t nearly as imposing as the man himself and the shotgun biker really sells his lines and his fear of Arnold in the original.

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