Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to terminate unlicensed robot clone

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I wonder if Jean-Claude Van Damme is secretly disappointed that nobody ever tries to make unauthorized likenesses of his character from Cyborg (1989).



Are you sure that’s not a Christopher Walken-bot?


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This seems like an interesting question to me. Do you own your own likeness? What are the boundaries of that.

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Oh good lord these people are assholes. Sue away, Arnie, sue away.


That face is a trap! Exhibit A:

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For real, I’d sue too if I was Arnold and people were claiming that thing looked like me.I kinda got an Elon Musk vibe from it.

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It could look like anyone (or be totally unique) but the company knew a famous face would get them the press and investment interest , so they went that direction and now could end up losing everything in court-awarded damages.

Any yahoos in their garage with some metal working, servos and latex can do this - but the underlying mechanics and everything are not very good at all. The face is simply distraction, tells me all I need to know about this venture.

I’m sure some crazy oligarchs put money into this thinking it’s as good as a producer’s credit. Nope.


What were they supposed to do? Arnold kept telling them to knock it off, the robot kept repeating that it will be back, there’s just no pleasing everyone.

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They shoulda done Trump. He likes any form of attention.

That was my first thought looking at the video preview image as well.

Schwarzenegger doesn’t just hand over the rights to his image to anyone who asks. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Per TMZ , he believes using his likeness in ads “diminishes his hard-earned and well-deserved reputation as a major motion picture star.”


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“Shots through the Terminator’s vision show Motorola 6502 microprocessor assembler code; the 6502 chip is the main CPU for the Apple II computer. Other code visible is written in COBOL.”
— From the IMDB trivia

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