Terminator 2, but with Sylvester Stallone instead of Arnie

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Oh man, I haven’t thought about Last Action Hero in years. Thanks for the nostalgia trip.


I’m such a fan of that bad movie, i referenced it last week in a conversation with my brother over the phone. This deepfake does certainly amuse me to no end because of its connection to Last Action Hero


This doesn’t work so well because there’s no expression on his face. They may as well have used a still photo for the whole thing, instead of going through all of the mapping and processing.


this is also funny because arnold’s accent is kind of the equivalent of a german hick’s. (austrians get stereotyped as being kind of country buffoons in DE)

This fake is actually a better performance than Stallone would have given in reality.


I was just reminded of the Last Action Hero Stallone/Schwarzenegger swap a few days ago thanks to this review:

They mention this tidbit from Demolition Man while discussing the Stallone call-out:


Even with Arnold’s stone cold expressionless character there were microexpressions and a certain nuance. This makes it rather flat, even more lifeless than before. Also, too much cognitive dissonance with the voice, I just can’t get there.


Now deepfake Schwarzenegger into Demolition Man, and we’ve gone full circle?

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Demolition Man is also one of my favorite movies, i’m still waiting for Prez Arnie to be a thing.

So you do know about the three seashells?

The writers were really good making some memorable lines.

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Wait, he doesn’t know about the three seashells.

So, now all restaurants are Taco Bell.

Stallone as Arnie looked better than CG Arnie as young Arnie in Terminator: Gynysyss, I’ll give him that much.

Almost like he’s some kind of emotionless machine.

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Yes, that’s my point. That’s why it was a poor choice of subject. I’d like to see one that proves the process works a little better.
Stallone in Sophie’s Choice? lol

I loved Last Action Hero. It is a classic spoof of the action movie genre

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