Grindr sued over claims it revealed users' HIV status to advertisers

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Maybe I’m old-fashioned … from a time before we shared every gdamn minutia of info on ourselves with a computer website…

They get the basics and that is all. These app companies need to weigh the benefit of asking uber-sensitive info versus that info being leaked and the ramifications that all brings to the individuals.

Height & Weight:
Have you ever killed someone? (we promise we’ll never tell):


I think that maybe providing your information to Ashley Madison is just a bit worse idea.

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I think the idea is that people who use dating apps don’t want to waste their time or others’ by getting matched up with someone if one of them has some quality that would be an immediate deal-breaker for the other. If I was HIV+ and looking for a date I would probably want the ability to filter matches to those people who were at least open to the idea of dating someone who was HIV+ instead of facing rejection after rejection in person.

Even your sexual orientation or gender identity might be something you don’t want advertised publicly, but good luck making a useful dating app that doesn’t include that.

It’s almost impossible to use online services that don’t require some sensitive information, if only their users’ credit card numbers. That’s why it’s so important to hold them to task for how they protect that information.


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