Two men just learned via Grindr that they are HIV-positive


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I take objection to the scary headline.
It on the face of it implies Grindr will reveal your HIV status and put it on “GRINDR” and Grindr has that information.

Which is nothing of the case. It was grindr offering HIV tests to people.

They didn’t learn via GRINDR…they learned by taking a home HIV test purchased with coupons from grindr.

Yeah…scary headline is fear mongering about grindr and does a disservice for people in the gay community. That might want and need to be tested…and now see a click bait headline that implies their HIV status could be broadcast to the world via their grindr account. Even by taking advantage of the coupons etc.

A more correct headline would be Grindr is offering HIV home testing coupons…etc. And two people learned via “HOME TESTING” that they are HIV positive…
NOT VIA Grindr…because grindr didn’t give them the results or publish the results. But that that is implied here and could prevent people from home testing.

Sorry Xeni…you’re not helping here. THINK.


Yeah… It looks like people were given a HIV testing kit that actually worked. Shocking.


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