Grocer designed embarrassing plastic bags to shame shoppers into bringing reusable ones

How raw is this chicken? Get it to walk, and kill it when you get home. Easy.


While they are marked as recyclable, they truly are not. They jam the commingled recycle sorting machines.


Plastic bags are not curbside recyclable. Look up “plastic film recycling” to learn the extent of the problem & possible solutions. tl;dr: you may be able to return clean plastic bags to a bin at some grocery stores.


aldi supplies few bags.

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Surely double-bagging merely says (whether bags are plastic or paper) “we decided to buy the cheapest possible/lowest quality bags because we have to give them away free. Now we cannot figure out why our bagging expenditure has near-doubled.”

ETA The UK imposed a 5p per bag charge on plastic bags for many circumstances (there are several specific exceptions) and usage plummetted almost overnight. It took a very short time indeed for people to be ‘trained’ to bring their own bags.


Even here in the rust belt


I like to tailor which bags I take where – if I’m shopping at Whole Foods, I’ll bring 99 Cent Store bags, for example.


Fred Meyer has bins for bag return. We save ours up and take back several bags’ worth every so often (the ones without holes we reserve for cleaning up Cat Problems). I assume that other stores in the Kroger mega-brand have return bins as well.

Conversely, Winco has little placards at the bagging terminal asking you not to double-bag things because they’ve made double-strength bags. So they’re basically enforcing double-bagging at the factory level instead of minimizing plastic usage by letting people only double-bag the things that actually need it.


Especially now that the publicity is happening. Hey East West Market, i want a canvas set soonest!


We’ve had that law since 2014 in california. I’m still lucky if I remember to bring my bags even half the time, after 5 years (granted, I only set foot into the store about once a month). Maybe I’m just too old and dumb to be trained. I’m optimistic for the next generation, at least – since they’ll have never known the era before bringing your own bags was common practice.


Trader Joe’s bags are big enough and sturdy enough that they’re my Bag of Choice for smuggling power tools into a building when the boss didn’t pull a permit. Even Sawz-All blades don’t poke holes through them.


Well there’s your problem. :wink:
Most of us shop more often. Indeed in UK the trend is to shop little and often and the huge weekly shop is declining.
I keep a couple of shopping bags in the car and they go back there once they’ve been unloaded. Plus a stash of emergency plastic bags for when I forget to take them back to the car.


Just turn them inside out if you don’t want to advertise for the store.


Collect them now, because they will soon be illegal;


I remember when that went into effect, the Daily Mail had a headline to the effect of “Bring your own bag to cheat the 5p tax!”


Seriously? Oh crap. Thanks for the info. More recycling misinformation and I have to change my ways. Will probably have to drop these damned things off at the store then. By the time you follow all of the rules. You can only recycle 25% of your garbage. Can’t recycle the pizza box. Can’t recycle broken glass. Can’t recycle aluminum foil. Etc. Sure there are caveats to all of these examples but the lack of clarity is damned annoying.


I don’t get that one as I am sure the more than a few bottles get broken being dumped into the trucks that pick up the recycling bing.

Also at least in Seattle you can throw the pizza box and other food soiled paper into the food waste for composting.


Typical Daily Mail. No fucks given for plastic pollution/state of planet. Faux outrage about govt taxation and smug pride about beating the oppressive govt. Conveniently ignored fact that it was not a tax, govt did not get money, shops were free to donate it to good causes.

The whys and wherefores are here

Sadly no UK retailer I am aware of came up with as good a plan as East West Market

I feel like the attempt to make consumers pay for the damage that firms have inflicted on the planet is still wrong. Although, I do think those bags look awesome to be honest. Also, half the plastic in the ocean last time I heard came from fishing nets so getting rid of them or putting a major regulatory measure in place to limit their use would be preferable to punishing consumers.


I like that idea - especially if it’s feasible to make it look like the bags were actually made that way.