Grogu and Mando minifigs in LEGO 'Trouble on Tatooine'

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Looks like that’s one bit you could assemble from existing Lego parts 48729b + 64567 + 60849

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 9.53.36 AM


You can make the Beskar spear out’a tooth pick, just paint it silvery color, bang you got Beskar spear!

Not really related to Star Wars, but when my daughter was little she loved Legos. Not the simplistic pink and pastel “girl” set that came out around 1993 or so, but the Legos that took work.

She was bummed that when she got the sets the little figures were mostly guys. I always encouraged her to write letters to express herself- she wrote letters to Highlights magazine, Weird Al Yankovic, and more- and she wrote to Legos when she was about 10 I guess complaining about the gender discrimination.
They kindly sent back a little bag with several princess and female figures, and a nice letter… It was a small blow for gender equality.
She grew up and I don’t really know if Lego followed up and subsequently gave equal representation to the ladies. I’d like to think so.

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My daughter builds most of the LEGO in our house. I only get to participate if its a particularly big set. She may outgrow that but not yet.

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