Groovy 1973 Bell Labs documentary about communication technology

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That description of 1973’s technology is about ten years off. All the stuff it describes was done in the sixties.

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Ahh, bubble memory, I remember it. It obviously burst a long time ago.

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I want the suit the narrator is wearing, but with slightly smaller lapels.

I was raised on the Bell Science movies, but - depressingly - I’m too old to have seen this one.

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Ah, well then Mark’s use of “groovy” is not that far wrong then. That is what I was going to point out, “groovy” was current for about six months around 1966. Recall that The Beatles animated cartoons used it somewhat ironically and those were produced between 65 and 67.

I love that Mark used it though, don’t get me wrong.

Remember when language changed faster than technology? Ha!

Telstar was launched in 1963.

I’m going to imagine that your comment pointed out that Mark was using “groovy” ironically also.

Yeah, you are (or might have been) correct.

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