Groundhog Day alarm clock just plays “Groundhog Day” audio over and over


Hah I caught on after 3 rounds.

Surprised the local TVs aren’t playing the movie in loops like they did last year.

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Correction: It plays it once. Then I go get a regular alarm clock.

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That’s cute and all, but have you checked out the prices of those clocks lately?!?!

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It puts the lotion on its case or it gets the hose.


Here I thought it was going to be a gift for people you hate but the story turned out to be much better than that.

Oh god no!

Make me one that will erase Sonny Bono from my brain and we’ll call it even.

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I finally last night, after years of speculation, began searching for the writer/director Harold Ramis’ estimation on how long Bill Murray was in the loop. He first estimated nine years, but after reconsidering all of the stuff he learned as well as a period of insanity and catatonia he revised the estimate to 30-40 years. Which is off from my unfounded guess of uncounted eons where he is a nearly omnipotent god having mapped all of the causality probabilities in his looped 24 hour light cone. Apparently Bill Murray reads one page of the big rack of books at the inn every day so you can timeline a bit with that, haven’t screened the movie looking for this detail yet.
Here is Paul Hannam, author of the book The Magic of Groundhog Day initially guessing at a very Buddhist 10,000 years!

Upgrade by Harold Ramis from ~9 years to 30-40.

As for the clock I would do a run of Got You Babe then either tune to a web or FM station, the loop would be hell every day even if not being the only song the damn thing plays, OTOH it would be incentive to get up and turn it the eff off.

I’m not entirely sure of the circuit in that clock radio, but you certainly could jiggle the components about so that “I Got You Babe” only plays when it’s set to alarm mode, and the FM radio plays as normal when you turn the radio on manually.

Then don’t tell your unsuspecting recipient that you’ve modded it and they can get the whole Groundhog Day experience!

Will I get to wake up next to Andie MacDowell?

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