Group handed out pure heroin, cocaine, and meth outside Vancouver police department

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I wonder if they had some adulterants (or, presumably very carefully measured single doses). Pure coke or heroin can come as something of a surprise even if you’ve got a serious habit.


The people they are handing it out to at Hastings & Main (otherwise known as Wastings & Pain) have immense and unfathomable experience with all of these drugs.

I am a big supporter of these organizations and their mission. I also worry that the most likely outcome is people selling this to dealers, who will then adulterate the drugs to boost profits. Or the dealers getting in line with the rest (though of course most low-level dealers are also victims of addiction).


Oh, I figured so, I was more wondering if they were cutting with something inert or if they were just very small doses of pharma grade drugs.

TIL. Wow.


gave out free heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

That really triggers my “being left out” phobia.


While I would probably support this action, I don’t understand its point. The only explanation in the post didn’t make it clear to me.

A news release claims the collective action showcases a “life-saving alternative” to Vancouver’s proposed approach to decriminalization.

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Just give addicts free, clean drugs, THEN work on getting them clean. Cut the dealers and traffickers out of the loop There was a similar system running in Gloucester back in the 90s that helped a few friends of mine.


More sensational than informational. Safe supply is required because more than 5 people die every day from tainted drugs here. More, many more deaths than C0VID-19.
These deaths are preventable by providing a safe supply, a supply without deadly additives like fentanyl that are in street drugs.


Many more deaths than covid but as you can’t catch an overdose by passing someone on the street, the comparison is unwarranted. but that doesn’t take away from the fact that we need to clean up the supply.

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overdose rates have skyrocketed lately, so the need for a ‘safe’ source is ever more important


Those aren’t even drugs that appeal to me, and I feel ya.


COVID and overdose deaths are also interrelated. Because of social distancing, there have been many more people using alone. When that happens, it is way more dangerous since no one knows if they overdose.

Also, border restrictions have made it more difficult to smuggle in the normal supply. This is leading to a larger amount of fentynol-laced drugs and more overdosing alone.

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As much as I agree with the ideas behind this, the whole thing was just a stunt to raise more awareness for the overdose crisis. In my opinion, the best way forward is if the government and health officials step in and helps ensure safe supply (yes, that would mean that the government becomes a drug dealer, but it’s better than drug dealers being drug dealers).

Also, the origin of these drugs is highly problematic. Cocaine buyers have blood on their hands.
ETA: Oops, didn’t know about Merck cocaine!

Pharmaceutical cocaine is readily available, just like pharmaceutical diamorphine.

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