Growing movement against Mafia extortion




Where’s the link?


Nice website you’ve got here. My advice to you, is keep your links nice and pruned…


The text is copied from here:

It seems boingboing only likes posting links when there’s a referral code. Ironic.


If only this could work against SOCAN.


Vote/support Pirates, if you have them there, they may find a way.


This is brilliant. Yay, people power!

First the Mafia, next the IMF?


Afraid that if people stood up to IMF, the Mafia would suddenly look pretty mellow in their retaliations.


Wait! The Mafia is not the local branch of the IMF?!


Kids these days have no respect for tradition.


Remember that sad (so to speak) scene in The Sopranos when they try to get a thinly-disguised Starbucks to pay protection? The store manager shows them the computer system and tracking software, and tells them “basically if my books don’t balance to the last coffee bean, I’ll be fired the next day and a new fellow sent to replace me.” The dumbfounded strong-armers walk off muttering about the good old days.


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