Arizona taxpayers pay through the nose for Sheriff Arpaio's illegal antics




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Coral Cache doesn’t help either here.

Now here’s where it gets weird - I ran the URL through Google, which of course turned up thhe same page, at the same URL, as the first result. Clicked on that, and bam - the article comes up.

I’m switching back and forth between these two tabs - the error following the link from BoingBoing, and the article following the link from Google - and the URL is exactly the same. No difference in any of the parameters passed or anything.

So, I’m guessing the server is handling requests differently if Google is the referrer then?


These guys are flag waving super “patriots” who are also darlings of the “Constitutional Sheriffs.” The CS movement is like the Sovereign Citizens (SC) movement, except for law enforcement (LEOs) probably because the SC’s have developed a nasty reputation as cop killers. Central to the CS movement is their belief that they can reject the Commerce Clause, gun laws, and the BATF. Notice that these are the same areas where the Feds were tracking gunrunning in Fast & Furious type operations under Bush then Obama. I believe that it will turn out that it is the “super patriot” cops themselves that turn out to be the gunrunners, as in many other cases across the country where the cops are the gunrunners.


We get a lot of SCs clogging up the court system where I live. I haven’t heard of the CS thing before, but if you want to meet the Sovereign Citizen’s batshit young cousin, look up “Freemen on the Land”.

Because law is apparently magic yo.


BoingBoing needs to remove the ?nclick_check=1 at the end of the URL


I can’t comment on the CS stuff, but I did recently hear about the Sovereign Citizens (SC) movement. From (duhn duhn duhnnnnnn) the FBI:

One prevalent sovereign-citizen theory is the Redemption Theory, which claims the U.S. government went bankrupt when it abandoned the gold standard basis for currency in 1933 and began using citizens as collateral in trade agreements with foreign governments. These beliefs can provide a gateway to illegal activity because such individuals believe the U.S. government does not act in the best interests of the American people. By announcing themselves as sovereign citizens, they are emancipated from the responsibilities of being a U.S. citizen, including paying taxes, possessing a state driver’s license, or obeying the law.
And how does the FBI identify some of the SC folks (other than being shifty eyed weirdos):
  • References to the Bible, The Constitution of the United States,
    U.S. Supreme Court decisions, or treaties with foreign governments.
  • Personal names spelled in all capital letters or interspersed with colons (e.g., JOHN SMITH or Smith: John)
  • Signatures followed by the words “under duress,” “Sovereign Living Soul” (SLS), or a copyright symbol (©)
  • Personal seals, stamps, or thumb prints in red ink
  • The words “accepted for value"

They’re nuttier than the Tea Party people, and that’s saying a lot.

This is a stretch, but I wonder if Arpaio is okay with bleeding the taxpayers dry in the same fashion that Tea Partiers and folks of that ilk want to drown the American gov’t (to paraphrase that other nut, Grover Jackass Norquist)?


My Little Police: Law is Magic.


It’s amazing to me that he was elected/re-elected.

Also, I don’t feel comfortable turning on javascript and cookies to read the articles at azcentral. It’s a similar feeling of unease that I get while driving (below the speed limit, with as few stops as possible) through Arizona and Texas.

If they elect Mr. Action Movie to be their governor, I’m going to assume that this is not real life, and that I’m hallucinating a really long trip.


Ever notice that those “tough on crime” folks never seem to actually care whether their tactics actually save anyone money or reduce the crime rate? Oh well, I guess the important thing is that Sheriff Arpaio makes prisoners wear pink underwear! Hurr hurr!


I think it has a lot to do with Phoenix and points south having summers with temperatures best described as “You can’t fry eggs on the sidewalk here. They hard-boil before they hit the concrete.”. Bakes the brain, that does.


Funny how the “Law and Order” candidate apparently has a real problem with conforming to, you know, The Law.

Yet he continues to be re-elected. Maricopa County is getting exactly the sheriff it deserves.

(With apologies to those who realize he’s a huge problem, but don’t have the resources to relocate.)


It’s worse than that. Arpaio’s detectives dropped over 300 cases of child molestation on the floor. No investigation or anything. You don’t need to be tough on crime if the victim’s a spi-- er, of Hispanic persuasion.


Damn, by that standard reading the news, surviving police harassment, surviving racial profiling, etc. can all provide gateways to illegal activity.


No, it’s blood, people. BLOOD


Is Little Bobby Tables an SC/SLS?


Your use of “an” indicates you were expecting the next word to begin with a vowel-sound, most likely “in”.


Because it’s a dog whistle and nothing else. Whenever some one says they are tough on crime I really want to see their complete definition of crime.


fucking scrapbookers.


I just think they nicknamed their dick “crime” and are sublimating some kind of shameful perversion.


Yep, and the Constitutional Sheriffs reference the Magna Carta to claim they don’t need obey federal laws.

The SC obsession with language can also be seen in dozens of videos about mind control and government hypnotism etc. In fact their beliefs seen to be generic paranoid schizophrenic delusions. AZ is thick with these groups. Compare Jared Loughners ravings from before he went on his killing spree to militia rhetoric, and his uncontrolled schizophrenic delusions are common militia beliefs.

Also, that area is a magnet for the Minutemen and other border vigilantes. I haven’t kept up with their latest foolishness, but the were getting quite the reputation as meth dealing murderers, including the little girl they killed during a home invasion robbery.