Gruesome demonstration of what happens when you look at the sun through a telescope


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"I bet my brother 100 bucks that he couldn’t see Mercury transit the sun with binoculars. He won, but I only gave him a dollar. " Mike Gandolfini, SF Holy City Zoo 1989


uses a pig eye he got from his local butcher

He has that going for him…


…getting ideas on new Nefarious Villain Contraptions…


I tried that but had to stop long before (5 to 7 seconds, which would feel like a long time, actually) my eyeball started smoking. Did I not do it right?


But what happens when the sun looks at us through binoculars?


Oh great. I’ll just add this to the list of reasons I’m disappointed I took anatomy the one year the teacher couldn’t get pig eyes for us to dissect.


You should’ve taken astronomy that year.


You save for half-damage.


I think I was better off majoring in English lit.

Hickamore Hackamore,
Why do you sigh?
I saw my true love
In a pig’s eye.


That’s only the initial effect of staring into the sun.
The end is even more disturbing…


sort of like theater of blood?


You are on fire today, Sir!


And this is why you should never use a telescope. Much safer to just get closer to what you’re trying to see.


I had a 5 inch refractor when I was a teenager (actually, I still have it somewhere). It has a projection screen. I was looking at sunspots one day when an adult from up the street came down to see what I was doing. He started to stick his hand between the lens and the screen. I warned him not to. When he asked why, I picked up a piece of 2by4 that happened to be in a discard pile near by and put it at about the focal point. I expected it to char. It surprised me by almost immediately bursting into flame.


Too dangerous for adults…good thing a teen was in charge!



It would have to look at us through the wrong end to do any damage.


I can’t remember the name of the show, only that was on Comedy Central in the 90’s. But it was a comedy group and the sketch was two guys watching an eclipse. One dons the welding googles and the other has purchased special eclipse glasses from the guy on the corner, which appear to be coke bottle thick glasses that make his eyes huge. Needless to say afterwards the guy’s face and eyes are burned while many puns abound.


You die.