Gruesome Soviet safety posters got their point across


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Cheaper than actual safety measures, like shields?

I had fun with one of these posters a while ago:

Don’t know if it’s Soviet or some other country; it seems more polished somehow (the original, that is).


Was not posters of safety. Was maintenance manuals. Like Capitalism, Communism oiled with blood of workers.


I would so use some of those for cubicle decoration.


If you think the guy with the hammer to the face got it bad you should see the one who got the sickle.


Forklift Driver Klaus, anyone?


@frauenfelder your link is borked. Here’s the correct one.


In Soviet Russia, hammer nails you!


“The general message from the government to the public was this: terrible things will happen to you if we don’t take care of you and watch over your every step,” according to Oleg Atbashian.

I realize he is an actual Russian designer, but that is the opposite of how these read to me. If anything, they’re promoting personal responsibility: you have to be careful around all this incredibly unsafe equipment. If the message were “government takes care of you” the equipment would be properly designed in the first place.



Came here to post this, was not disappointed. (And an example I always pull out when people claim that Germans don’t have a sense of humour).
I’ve heard of people being shown this in actual health and safety courses.


They did it wrong - a 19th century worker’s solidarity/protest song clearly mentions a different body part

All wheels are standing still, If a strong arm so will.

(it sounds better in German, though…)


I can attest to that.


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