Graphic, violent old public safety posters from Holland


I love the “Één aanraking. Op elektrische geleidingen loeren monsters” poster. The little electrical dragons are a nice touch, but the best part is Death lurking down there at the bottom. “Thanks, buddy, for just falling backward onto my scythe!”


Puts me in mind of a pretty no-nonsense ad from New Zealand. You might find it graphic (or you may even think it’s hilarious, like the commenters).


Mamma Gkika had a bad day.

Some of these are mystifying if you don’t speak Dutch.

Don’t let some guy shove a paintbrush under your nails, it will mess up your arm!?!?
– According to Google translate, it is basically saying to properly care for wounds or they will get worse.

[quote]let every wound of some significance effective care
This mutilation HAVE
own fault he messed himself[/quote]

Don’t let someone shove a nail into your eye, you’ll be blinded! (maybe this one is about wearing eye protection when welding?)
– The translation doesn’t help so much on this one

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The Buzz Lightyear translation is clearly garbled - “Never open a space man’s helmet on an uncharted planet.”

I enjoy those PSAs. Here is one from the Soviet Union that is more how to deal with an accident rather than preventing it.

It’s going to be mighty, mighty difficult to ever top the German forklift safety video. Warning, graphic violence:


If you like safety poster Les Requins Marteaux made a great book about it with the collection of the INRS (a French institute for safety).
You can take a look here (click on “En lire un extrait”) :

From Holland or the Netherlands? Because they’re not the same thing.

Seeing how they’re all from Amsterdam, I suppose they’re indeed “from Holland”. The rest of the Netherlands is obviously in no need of such dire safety messages, we get along fine!

Okay so here’s the humantranslate:

The foot & nail: “This could cost you a foot.”
The mutilated guy: “Seek effective care for every significant wound - This mutilation is his own fault. He messed around on his own.”
The possessed electric wires: “A single touch! On electric wires, monsters lurk.”
The three-fingered hand: “Don’t grease or shine while the machine is running.”
The Clockwork Orange guy:& welders: “Weld safely.”
Buzz Lightyear: “Use a fresh-air mask.”
Guy getting poked in the eye and regretting it: “Inexpert care can cause blindness.”
Sandwich guy & OCD guy: “A napkin is good. Washing hands is better.”

And the one in the comments:“Drinking and driving increases the risk of an accident.”

I reckon that’s really well done…

If you tend to despise commercial ads, this is damn funny (I’ve seen it before, BTW).

And then the convincing way she fell through the table and lay there in agony was actually pretty horrific when you think about it too.

Classic PSA.

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