Danger! Danger!


I’ve always liked warning signs. For some reason, I find a lot of them humorous. It’s occasionally crossed my mind to start a collection of them but I never got around to it. Why not here?

Post your warnings. Interpretive captioning welcome.

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Onebox all the links!
Hong Kong designer makes Scarlett Johansson robot

Have I got a treat for you.

I dig the Paris Metro danger bunny, for the sheer “screw you, pictograms” pizzazz.


Darn! Maybe I should have done a search before starting the thread. It will be interesting to see what collects in here though.


Those coconuts will kill ya.





The new High Activity Radiation Source Warning is interesting…
It seems to definitely get the “Run Away” message across:

I guess that you are running away from the giant skull while a fan blows air on ya to make it look more dramatic.


I think the pictogram sorta makes all the text completely unnecessary…

My dad had a gas powered rototiller built in 1955 with this pictogram on the cowling that goes over the spinning ground teeth death blade arm things… We always made sure the path was cleared of anything we didn’t want horrifically mangled.


I like this version!


We used to have tractor safety movies in health class – they always had at least one dummy filled with straw get tangled up in the power take-off…
Like this, but completely wrapped around with all the stuffing flying in the air.


I find it interesting that the intent is to place this one where you would have to be dismantling a radiologic device to even see it.


Oh sure, like you’ve never disassembled a high-energy gamma source to see how it worked!



It is to try to prevent abandoned stuff from getting demolished or used in a stupid manner…
e.g. Guyana Brazil and Liya Georgia.
Liya orphaned sources, 2001-2002
The radiological accident in Lia, Georgia - Pub1660web-81061875.pdf
Goiânia accident - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For most of the things that it is meant for, it is probably too late if you see the symbol.
They tested several symbols all over the world from remote African/South American/etc villages to First World cities and settled on that thing.

Should start at the nice, steamy Liya Georgia sources:


There’s plenty of cases where a naked source is the point of the whole deal. Like Co-60 sources for radio therapy. You’ll see that sign at the door to the lab, because the whole place would be irradiated when the source is up at aperture level and they’re trying to #RECK someone’s cancer.


Oh I know. I followed some of those incidents when they happened. I just haven’t worked around such things recently so it stays in the back of my head until I see it again. (Online not in person.)


I thought the yellow ones were what they had on lab doors. Has this changed in the last decade or so?



I think it depends on whether it’s a controllable/switchable source like an X-Ray tube, or a source that’s fiercely radioactive all on its own.

I know in the place where I worked that had a Co-60 source they had the skull signs. At the dentist office they just have a little trefoil on the machine.