Grunt author Mary Roach quizzes NYC people about military slang


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Her book Stiff (about what becomes of cadavers) is really good. I imagine this will be an interesting read, too.


She is featured in Readers Digest a lot. I really like her layman’s science articles.


I’m more interested in the slang (or jargon if you prefer, it’s really the same thing) that exists to minimize the impact of their job. You know, like describing dead civilians as “collateral damage”.


That’s less a grunt thing than a brass thing, I think.


Mary Roach is an international treasure.


I read that book when it first came out in paperback. Roach is a fantastic writer and has a great voice. I guess I talked it up some because the science department at the high school where I taught English bought a bunch for one of their AP classes.



I love her.


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