UK military slang from Afghanistan


Vast amounts of ammunition never goes out of style.


I just finished watching “Generation Kill”, and this is interesting, too. Although lists or collections of cool/esoteric words always make me feel like Mark Slackmeyer’s dad in his younger days.

My favourite bit of slang coined by Army wags was their take on the BOWMAN comms system: ‘Better Off With Map And Nokia’.


Domain-specific slangs are funny in general. The military flavored domains shine there.

The “Lash Vegas” one reminded me of “Los Arzamas”, the name of Арзамас-16 coined by the nuclear scientists working there as a reference to Los Alamos.

From the article : “ANA Afghan National ***Amy.***”

Does anyone in print even proofread anymore, my god it’s the second definition.
Kind of important since it’s an article about words, acronyms, letters, etc.

you put a comma where a question mark goes, pal.

@GilbertWham in Desert Storm, the unreliable radio used by US Marines was officially the PRC-100 or some such number, but was familliarly known as the “prick.”

Sub-editors have been amongst the first to go under the budgetary crunch at news orgs.

Waddya mean? She’s a delightful old lady.


Sweet! I’m writing a military scfi tail and i want to put in more slang from other armies that aren’t the US.

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