Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. superb owl trailer

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There’s an owl? I didn’t see an owl…


Yeah, I was like Superb Owl trailer…Owl is crossing over from Watchmen? lol!


Love the use of “The Chain” from Fleetwood Mac’s album Rumors. An album where the band was getting in fights, getting all sorts of bad press and didn’t look like they’d pull through. Then it turns out to be one of their biggest critical and commercial successes.

Pretty deep if it was intentional.


So, any idea what percentage of that will occur in the actual movie? More than ten…?


And there’ll be plenty of Brits hearing an internal Murray Walker voice-over.
Which only makes it more awesome. :smiley:

At work, computer muted, tosses on subtitles

“Oh, looks like these are in Dutch…”

Autotranslate -> English

“Oh… Oh my…”

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I can’t be the only human who started to hear the theme to Flash Gordon, as sung by Freddie, when she-Ming The Merciless appeared.

p.s. Amazing how much more personality Bautista has when playing a character who isn’t really supposed to have a personality than he ever did in WWE or in any shoot interview I’ve ever seen him in.

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