Guess what caused a fire in a house on High Street

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See? Mari-ju-wana kills!


Guess what caused a fire in a house on High Street

Was it rapid oxidation of combustible substances?



Cute headline, but not a joking matter.

This fire is a direct result of the prohibition of cannabis. Up here in Seattle growers are legitimate businesspeople that are subject to things like electrical inspections, fire codes and insurance.

I hope the legislature in NY sees this tragedy for what it is, the result of an unprofitable and immoral prohibition.


I think you mean indirect. Is this the new “literal?”

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Only a misdemeanor? I am shocked, to tell the truth.

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No, no, no, it was the direct result.

The house adjoined a building where they were storing the text of the cannabis laws, which spontaneously combusted.

I will give you that. I was pretty hot under the collar. Perhaps just “A result” would be more accurate.
I do stand by my point though, if this was not a clandestine operation, it would probably have been a safer operation.


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