Guga's favorite cast iron pan rusted out by his nephew



The main handle does come off, but the secondary one is not removeable.

Although… Now that you say BBQ, I think if I cover the wood part and build a reasonable mound of lit charcoal I could probably get the wok pretty screaming hot from the bottom.

Might have to experiment this weekend when I fire up my smoker :thinking:


An hour at 350 will do it if you can protect the handle.


Yeah I would normally toss the whole thing in the oven…

I might try to build a little heat sink for the small handle out of foil with some wet paper towel between layers. Experimenting weekend time.

Its a bit awkward having a slick non stick base and sticky sides. Makes tossing suboptimal :wink:

I have a Lodge cast iron wok, and there are no wood bits. :slight_smile:

It weighs more than I do tho. Moving it around is like doing deadlifts.


Anytime someone questions my love of cast iron skillets, I point out the years of gym memberships they’ve saved me from :wink:


Perhaps the very one shown in this post?

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Lot of cast iron in that photo. I see a griddle and some waffle irons too.

Yeah, it’s badass. According to the timestamp on the photos, the whole process only took me 21 mins, including a couple of layers of oil. And the house was totally smoke-free!


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