Guide to raising smartass kids


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I have a two year old and there is never been a moment she wasn’t a smartass.


Sounds like someone to be proud of.



Not much to be done; my kid was born that way, and she “gets it honest,” because so was I.


Guide to raising smartass kids

We were encouraged to play in the traffic, as to cull the herd so’s to speak.


I thought you just made them watch sitcoms from the 80s.


I lead by example. My daughter has totally picked up my smart-assery and sarcasm and I’m going to have to teach her how not to totally get in trouble for it later in life…

I’m so proud of her :slight_smile:


Guide to raising smartass kids

Scissor lift.



sage advice!


I laughed, I winced, I laughed again.

So… it made you laugh exactly twice? And only twice?

jk :wink:


Coming soon: studies on what happens when you play Carlin to kids in the womb.


Thank God I’m not a smartass. Now, I must don today’s tweed!


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