Parent Hacks: 134 truly useful tips that parents of young kids will use

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The true hack: make sure you have a supportive network of other parents and extended family.

Details will change (strollers, etc. are very different than they were 10 years ago, for example) but having support never goes out of style.


Eh… I dunno about that one. If your kid is prone to probing them, then bandaids not only wont keep them out, but probably are interesting as kids love to peel stickers.

We had like 13242 of those plastic plug… uh… plugs, and throwing a handful into your luggage should be good.

That really is the best thing.


Back in my time, they called these Hints from Heloise.

(That’s Heloise the old-timey columnist, not Heloise of Heloise and Abelard, a story with considerable hacks of its own.)


“$36 Buy one on Amazon”

I clicked through to Amazon, and it says list price is $12.95, with an Amazon price of $7.91 for paperback or Kindle. It also offers used copies from $3.75. (I’m an Amazon Prime member, don’t know if that changes things.)

Yes, $36 seems expensive for a softcover book.

135: Keep 'em fed. Notice how a child’s behavior tends to deteriorate along with their blood sugar.

136: Let 'em get dirty. And let 'em get tired. If you can’t bathe 'em just wipe 'em down well after they pass out. You can always wash 'em tomorrow.

137: Make sure they get outside once a day, if at all possible, regardless of the weather. Kids need an opportunity to run around and roll around, somewhere. And yell at the top of their lungs. They are kids. Let 'em be kids.

138: Don’t worry about being perfect (them or you). Do worry about keeping them safe enough and healthy enough to see their next birthday. Focus on being juuuuuuust good enough.

139: Try to get some sleep. Cat-napping (everyone!) can help.


Or go even further and adopt an alloparenting style.

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