Guide to recording the police


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I think that I have mentioned it before, but there is also Bambuser.
They support just about every mobile platform (not just Android and iPhone) – which might be important for the disenfranchised.


And yet another case, from last year, of the police arresting a guy in NY for filming them (groping a woman in what seems to have been an illegal search), then lying about it afterwards:

A common motif in these stories indicates that if you want to film the police, be prepared to have your phone/camera illegally stolen/destroyed by the cops.


If possible, when filming the police, have a friend stand a little ways away and film you.

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And whenever possible, get a white friend


My first suggestion is wait until Album night for the FM station and use cassette recorder. The 8 track is not a goo (CLICK) d format.


“Every breath you take… we’ll be watching you. With an occasional patdown, just for fun.”

Only tangentially related: I saw this sign at a Burger King and felt strangely compelled to take a picture of it. It’s probably popular with the cops.

I’m running out of words. This is the civil rights struggle of our time. There is not difference between what the police are doing today and what they did in Selma Alabama.

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