Guilty Gear Strive's newest downloadable character is Bedman, a man who can fight while in bed

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It’s actually stranger than this, and I feel like the nuance should be understood for how weird Guilty Gear is.

This is not Bedman, this character is called “Bedman?” with the question mark. While it’s Bedman’s bed, the person with the bed is Delilah, his younger sister. The actual location of Bedman the person is unknown, but in the previous game, he fought entirely while asleep in the bed.


There is no reference given for this, but the wikia states that the bed contains Bedman’s soul/will.

"Despite his physical human body died previously, his soul and will still lives inside Reinforced High-Density Bed Frame. "

Bedman | Guilty Gear Wiki | Fandom

That might be just “early days” info misread by someone that wrote that entry up, or the bed is “Brother”.


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