Guitars reportedly cool again

I will have to check those out! Thanks!

He’s stupidly good at a lot of instruments, is a great raconteur, and a scholar too.

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That’s a bummer. I had actually bought a D’Angelico that looked and sounded pretty fancy but when I applied some pressure the pronounced neck bend scared me and I figured I’d be facing that problem really badly as soon as any warranty ran out. That Bob Weir though, do you have that deluxe SS semi hollow? That seems like quite an instrument.

My Gretsch G6118T also has a bigsby, tunes out between using the guitar but I haven’t noticed it happen a lot while playing.

Some great advice here on the G5135. That’s a solid body, and the advice involves a few upgrades:

And a discussion thread on gretsch-talk - those comments put fixing or replacing the nut at #1.

Check out the ten string Chapman stick, invented 51 years ago. Here’s a needs-more-likes interpretation of Norwegian Wood by the very talented Gene Perry, who’s also a software engineer at JPL:

Winning the talent show at JPL:

And Goin’ To California:


“Cool” can either mean “Having the property of being something that I personally find appealing and worthy of attention.” or it can mean “having widespread appeal among 15-to-25-year-olds”. It amazes me that people either don’t understand this distinction or are somehow unable to figure out the usage from context. If someone says “Guitars are cool again.” they aren’t telling you that you once found them unappealing.

no, i could only afford the “premier,” but it’s still fun to play.

i had brought it back to the chain guitar store i bought it from for a new setup, and of course they did a subpar job. i tried again at a more local place and it sounded a little better. after reading some forums i was going to bring it back to have the nut adjusted, but that was in the before times.

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Stringed instruments, mostly fretted, may be easy to strum but difficult to master. Fun tho.

I possess many guitar-like and banjo-like objects; multiple mandolins and mandolas (I started with Grandpa’s banjo-mandolin); mountain dulcimers (I built those to sell); 'ukes and lutes; but no sitars or citterns. I’ll confess to a banjo’uke, Hawai’ian and cigar-box and bass guitars.

I’m usually online with my laptop in a recliner so most guitars, banjos, and lutes are hard to hold in my lap. 'Ukes and mandos fit better. But with the pandemic I find myself playing less and keyboarding more. So I’m done with buing new axes, mostly. Wouldn’t mind a tenor guitar.

Will sitars ever be kewl again?

What, you don’t want a guy named “Scuzz” handling it now? :slight_smile:

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God, I love that book. Everything to do with the dog, and the section with the tinned pineapple. Some of the greatest comic writing in the English language.


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