GURPS Banestorm PBBB narrative thread


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As Hawk leaves the room, Jibrīl and Thwip attempt to synchronise their lockpicking efforts.

Just as they seem near to success, an untimely slip from Thwip’s left hand triggers the other three locks to reset. As they do so, Jibrīl’s hand jerks in response, snapping off a pick jammed deep in the lock.

It doesn’t look like it’s pickable without first extracting the broken pick, and that will take tools that you didn’t bring into the dungeon.


Jibrīl Al-Las’as

Jibrīl glares at the box.

-Kess Ikhtak! Move on, I guess. I’ll take this stupid box with me, though.



Turning Brunswick green at his slip up, Thwip apologises.

“Zorry. I vill buy yoo a noo one vonce ve return to zee shity.”"


Jibrīl Al-Las’as

Once Blue Hawk indicates that he is sufficently rested, Jibrīl carries the box out into the corridor, and then tries the other metal door.


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As Hawk collapses in the corner and Jibrīl ruefully examines the box, Aronn also rests against the wall. The dust has aggravated his coughing; you frequently see traces of blood on his hand as he wipes his mouth.

After half an hour, he drags himself back to his feet. “We must continue”, he croaks.

Heading across the hallway, Jibrīl sets to work with his remaining lockpicks. This time, the door opens without drama; as it swings aside, you see a long hallway stretching into the dark with an alcove on the right.

[Hawk, you’ve regained 6FP; what are y’all doing?]


Blue Hawk

After Lord Arron makes his pronunciation that rest-time is over, Hawk still remains sitting until one of the other party members prods him back into full consciousness. Labouriously, and stretching each limb as he does so, the shaman gets to his feet.

On the way up, Hawk does a quick mental inventory… No particular aches; left leg is asleep, but that will go away quickly; he is not quite as rested as he’d like, but he’s gotten enough to be functional again. All of his gear seems to be where it should be, and… it looks like no explosions have issued forth from the box they were trying to open. Perhaps they had thought better of opening it… But more likely it just wasn’t trapped in the first place. Either way, Hawk has no curiosity about what is in the box, other than to know how far away he should be standing from it.

Once he is up, he joins the rest of the group at the next door. He stays well back of the door, holding himself in readiness in case there is need for the assistance of the spirits…



Thwip has been trying to suppress his growing dread over the last half an hour. Blue Hawk has seen his magics overtaxed in the last few days and is starting to look the worse for wear. And Lord Aronn…

Thwip is a goblin so green he craps lettuce. Goblins hold a lot of respect for the men and women of magic. They also hold a lot of fear of their moods. What would happen if Blue Hawk decides that he was done with this expedition? What would happen if Aronn decides that Blue Hawk isn’t?

He follows Jabril in to the hallway. He speaks to the party, “Holdt fir a momint.” He peers into the darkness to see the end of the hallway. He feels the urgency of his employer. He also knows that urgency leads to missing fingers.

– Old Tang was never the same after that accident with the millstone.–


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Moving past the glare of Nic’s lantern, Thwip peers down the hallway.

(click through image for full view)

At the end is another door. To the right there is an open alcove; there appears to be arabic writing engraved above the entrance, but it’s difficult to read from this angle.



The goblin steps back and reports his findings to the others.

“At t’ end is an otter door. To t’ right tere’s ‘n open ahcove. I tink tere’s Arabic writin’ ingreyft above t’ entrance, but it’s hard t’ reddit from tis ankle.”


Jibrīl Al-Las’as

Jibrīl steps forward to read the arabic writing.


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Jibrīl edges forwards just far enough to read the inscription. One word is engraved over the entrance to the alcove:



Loosely translated: slave, or perhaps gladiator.


Jibrīl Al-Las’as

Hmm. Slave, or gladiator?

One of these clockwork men, perhaps? Wonder where he is.
Jibrīl peers into the alcove.

Assuming he doesn’t find anything, Jibrīl moves to the door and tries to open it.



– “عبد”… “Salaryman”? … That makes no sense. Am I reading that wrong?–

As Jabril moves forward to try the door, Thwip positions himself to have a clear shot at whatever may come pouring out.

– What if they’re zombie salarymen?–

Thwip frowns at himself.

– You’ve been letting your imagination run away with you all day. Get a grip Gobby. What in the name of the Great Green are salarymen anyway?–

He gestures to Nic and Ranar to ready themselves. Just in case a rotting briefcase was thrown.


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As Jibril peers into the alcove, a human-sized figure is revealed. The figure is fully armoured in plate, carrying a shield and longsword, and instantly charges at Jibril in a shield rush.

(Jibril, the shield rush is on target; see other thread)

Possible PBBB laptop RPG game

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Jibril scrambles back from the charge, successfully avoiding impact but failing to prevent the armoured guard from closing on his position.

(Thwip, as Jibril and the Guard are in close combat, you’d have a -4 to hit, and any miss has about a 40% chance of hitting Jibril instead)



The goblin lowers his gun not wanting to shoot Jabril and pulls back. He yells to the others, “Melee!!” He puts his back in the corner to clear a way for Nic and Ranar.


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After Jibril scrambles away from the guard’s charge, Ranar comes flying in with his own. Instead of dodging like Jibril, the guard smoothly turns to face Ranar, takes a step backwards and deflects the dwarven missile with his own shield. Meanwhile, Jibril scrambles behind the guard, swinging wildly and ineffectually with his tulwar as he does so.

As de Courcy presses forwards, he does so with caution; this guard is not like the ones encountered earlier. It moves with the grace of a master swordsman. Behind him, Thwip steps to block the doorway, refining his aim but holding his fire. The two mages in the hallway press forwards to observe.

The guard skips to the right, away from Jibril, placing its back to the wall. As it does so, it looses a ferociously rapid swing to Ranar’s shield side, who scrambles to bring his shield up in time. After absorbing the blow, the dwarf presses forwards and aims a hammerblow at the guard’s chest, which is once again deflected by the guard’s shield.

Having lost his flanking position, Jibril instead presses in closely behind Ranar. Taking advantage of their contrasting statures, his swings his tulwar above the efficiently-built warrior’s head. In response, the guard brings up his longsword in a parry that almost sends Jibril’s weapon flying.

Taking a position to the left of Ranar, de Courcy moves in with a swing to the guard’s leg. Although the blow is on target, the guard narrowly manages to evade, slipping its leg out of the way at the last moment.

Seeing that the flow of the fight had presented him with a momentary opportunity for a clear shot, Thwip takes it. The range is only a few yards, and there’s no-one friendly directly in the line of fire. As the familiar thwip-crack rings out, the guard twists and leans back with stunning grace; the bullet skims past without striking, passing through the space where the guard would have been if not for the dodge.

In the background, Hawk begins praying to the spirits and Aronn’s staff once again takes on a sinister glow.

Unfortunately for Thwip, he was not the only one to take note of the close range and clear line of fire. The guard skips towards him, extending its sword in a full lunge, the needle-pointed tip of the longsword perfectly on target for the goblin’s sternum.

Although Thwip scrambles backwards in a desperate attempt to avoid the blade, he simply does not have the speed to outmatch a swordsman of this caliber. The blade punches neatly through the goblin’s chest, extending several inches out the other side before it is withdrawn in a lightning movement by the guard. Although Thwip staggers and clasps one hand to his chest, he retains his feet and his hold on his rifle.

Seeing his friend impaled, Ranar screams and surges forwards, aiming a mighty blow at the guard. Despite the rage concentrated behind the strike, it is to no avail; once more, the guard casually deflects the blow with his shield.

Jibril steps around Ranar, again trying to find a flanking position as he hacks at the guard’s legs. Once more, it dodges aside. None of you have landed a scratch on it so far.

Seeing the danger, de Courcy steps in front of Thwip, and reaches back to fencing school for his oldest tricks, attempting a disarm. Although the shot is fast and true, it is not enough to overcome the guard’s expert swordwork; he twitches his blade out of the way at the last moment.

Behind Nic, Thwip quietly crumples to the floor, unconscious. Hawk dives forward, chanting frantically for the aid of the spirits before it is too late.

(PLAYER CUE: would any of you like to take this moment to revise your tactics?)



– This isn’t how I thought it would end. If I were being honest, and this is a good time for honesty as any, I never thought it would end. Don’t we all think that? So it goes. –

The world fades away from the goblin’s sight. He smiles as he sees the others rush to avenge him.

– Friends. If only a short taste, the flavour is the sweetest I have known.–

Thwip hears a polite cough from behind him. In the nothing that he now finds himself, he feels that this should surprise him. He feels that he should be beyond surprise at this point. He decides to go with puzzled curiosity.

Turning he sees a human man wearing a very impressive wig and an impressive nose to match. The man seems to be the sort who was born sixty years old and stayed that age all of his life. He stares at Thwip, as if waiting for the goblin to speak. He does. “Uhhh… God I presume?”

The man in the wig rolls his eyes. “Do you think the God of the heavens and the Earth would present a sinner such as yourself with a countenance as kindly as this? I am but His messenger. You may call me Issac.”

Twip stares. Blinks. Stares again. He’s not sure how to proceed. “I was going to go to Easter Mass this year. I swear.”

Issac rolls his eyes again, causing his wig to shift slightly. “Do you think the AllKnowing doesn’t see through that lie? But that is not why I am here. And before you speak… I see the thought on your lips… I am not here to guide you through the circles of Hell either. No. You’re not getting out of that one so easily.”

Issac steps forward, looming over the goblin. His fearsome features seem to fill Thwips vision. The goblin cowers.

“I’m here,” Issac glowers. “To ask you why a goblin with a knowledge of ballistics,” he growls through gritted teeth as he leans in closer to Thwip’s face. “Hasn’t figured out what an Inertial Reference Frame is yet.”


Blue Hawk

Hawk starts directing his will to the effort of calling the spirits, at the same time diving to the green-man’s side. He gives Thwip a quick once-over to determine how much power to put forth into his call, how much he needs to heal.

Oh. That’s strange, the shaman thinks to himself.

Hawk releases his hold on the spirits and instead takes a more physical hold of the goblin, dragging him out of the room. “I think we should retreat, make a new plan. The green-man is not injured: what we are fighting is not what we think we are fighting.”

Possible PBBB laptop RPG game

Jibrīl Al-Las’as

Enraged by the injury to his goblin friend, Jibrīl curses at the swordsman “Bin’nt himaar!”, and redoubles his effort, wading in with angry swings of his tulwar.

At the very least, he aims to distract the guard to let the others escape.