GURPS Banestorm PBBB narrative thread


Jibrīl Al-Las’as

Jibrīl spars with Eabd.

The Tulwar is very nice. He decides to keep it.

“Eabd, stop fighting!”

“Eabd, return to your position!”



After watchibg Jabril spar with Eabd Thwip suddenly remembers

– Oh yes. I should be dead right now.–

He waves over Jabril and Nic, “I coult use yir eggspertise on matters off melee weapins, gentlemans.”

He then adresses the… automaton? Golem? Finding out is next on the list. He speaks in Arabic.

“Eabd. Schtep vorwardt und prezent your veapon for inspeschpeckshion.”


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Eabd obeys. His longsword appears to be of similar make to the other weapons.



The goblin does his “thinking scowl” as he discovers that he should be very dead going by the evidence in front of him.

He asks his more military minded companions, “Shouldn’t tis haff killedt us?”


Ranar Bolijyr

After dozing briefly, Ranar lets the world fade back in. Wincing and grunting in pain, he slowly and carefully makes his way to his feet and stumbles over to the alcove where the others are. Eyeing the guard suspiciously, he answers Thwip. “Twas c-c-close enough for me. Maybe it doesn’t like Dwarves. Maybe ask it…has it talked yet?”

Distracted by the variety of weapons, he steps over and squints at them appraisingly. They may not be the work of a master Dwarven craftsman, but they certainly don’t appear to be shoddy junk either. Always wanted one of these… He picks up the morningstar and gives it a couple of swings without hitting himself. Maybe not. The axes though - it would be good to have a chopping tool to complement the pick and hammer. And the mace looks nice. He puts down the morningstar and picks up one of the throwing axes to check its edge.



“Maybe ask it…has it talked yet?”

Something about this makes Thwip’s blood run cold.

–Have I been wrong about it being an automaton? Is it an actual enslaved being?–

He clears his throat. “Eabd, are you able to schpeak und reason?” He mentally braces himself…


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Eabd remains silent.

The axes, like all of the weapons, are of excellent quality.


Jibrīl Al-Las’as

Jibrīl, his shiny new tulwar in hand, walks to the end of the hall to examine the door.


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It’s a locked metal door, similar to the last one.



The hollowness of Eabd’s body, and lack of response, ease Thwip’s mind.

– I didn’t try to kill a sentient after all. I wish the old man was here to tell me how these things work.–

Thwip decides to test the armour.

“Eabd, you vill follow me. Iff you are undable to follow me undtil I schtop, you vill return to your stayshion withoot undnoter order from me.”

Thwip then exits back through the hallway where the others are resting with the intent of entering the room where the needle chest was found. Not looking, but keeping an ear on Eabd’s footsteps.


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Eabd follows.



– Hmmn. Interesting. It can leave its station. Very interesting. But I better discuss this with the others. –

While the others are divvying up the weapons, Thwip moves back into the hall to discuss his new follower with Lord Aronn. He speaks in a general way to tell the entire party about his theory.

“It seems tat Eabdt kin be brot wit us. Ting is, we foundt oot t’ hart way tat its lethal attaks,” he gestures at Ranar whos injuries were certainly not imaginary, but also not lethal, " … only nock oot its foes d’spite usin’ a real swordt."

Chin scratch.

“Mebbe it kin kill but I don’ wanna vollin-tear t’ find out. Even wit juss a kay-oh it soundz like an advantayge, yeh. But we can’t assume tat it will work on non-sentient beings.”


“We all no tat gettin’ stabt in t’ heart means death, yeh? I tink we reacktid like we belieft we shouldt when stabt and past out. Ifin we run inta an otter big spidter Eabd may not work becuss a spider don’t know 'bout swords and thus don’t know to tink it diet.”

Tongue bite.

“I’m also worriedt tat mebbe it kin only react t’ peoples shaepet like us wit weapons an armors and it were t’ meet sometin shaeped like a centaur it wouldn’t know wat t’ do.”

Goblinish grunt.

“Tis is alla theeory right now and we haff no time t’ test it. If yi all want t’ bring it along I tink we should send it ahed off us inta each room t’ trigger inny traps or draw munsters.”

Thwip looks at everyone for their thoughts and opinions. He’s a goblin of science. This is peer review. Except less violent.


Ranar Bolijyr

While listening to Thwip, Ranar adjusts some of the side loops on his backpack and slips the throwing axes into a comfortable position.

“Eh ya. I know nothing about it. But better it be under our control than behind us, waitin’ to attack us on our way out. Especially if we need to get out quickly. An’ if it don’t fight a centaur, maybe make it dance at 'em to distract 'em.”

Looking back to the weapons, envisioning the handfuls of coins they could be worth, he calls out “Anybody want to try out any of these swords?” Looking in turn to Nic and Thwip, “There’s ones good for pokin’ and ones good for choppin’!” And ones good for sellin’, he almost says.


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As Jibril successfully picks the lock on the door at the end of the hall, it reveals what looks to be a storeroom of some kind. What appear to be weapon and armour racks fill the room; however, judging by the dust, the contents were removed long ago.


Jibrīl Al-Las’as

Jibrīl returns to Eabd’s room.

He commands, in Arabic

“Eabd, pick up these weapons”

He gestures to the weapons lining the alcove walls.

“Eabd, carry these downstairs into the big hall.”


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Eabd places his longsword onto the rack, takes the morningstar and clumps off downstairs. Quickly returning, he repeats the process with the other weapons apart from the longsword, which he recovers at the end.



Once the party assembles in the big hall around the pile of weapons, Thwip asks the more combat experienced of his companions. “Are we goink t’ arm Eabd? Ifin we kin order it aboot tere’s a chance a ennyme kin do it too. Mite be kayotik.”

Taking note that it seems to treat the longsword differently from the other weapons he speaks in Arabic, “Eabd, pleaz playz yir arm-ma-mints upon zee groundt und take an un-armdt combat stanze. Boksing vuld be goot.”


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Eabd places his sword and shield on the ground and assumes a boxer’s stance.



“Vell, vat do you all zink?”

– Oh right. Some of us can’t speak Arabic.–

“Ahem. What do yi all tink aboot how t’ handle are friend here?”


Ranar Bolijyr

“I do no’ trust him much. Armed or not he could be dangerous. But that could be pretty useful. Hmm. Maybe order him to ignore orders from anyone that’s not one of us. That’s the first thing a military would do.”

Eyeing the unclaimed weapons pile, Ranar casually walks around as if stretching and pondering. He picks up the mace, morningstar, and saber, giving them each a closer look. After a moment, he slips the mace into a loop on his pack and with some reluctance, sets the other two back down. Hopefully they’ll still be here later.