GURPS Banestorm PBBB narrative thread


Ranar Bolijyr

Too many of them, one at a time is not enough, Ranar thinks. With a guttural bass grunt, he twists, heaving the thing on him, and himself with it, at the one behind him against the wall, hoping to break free and smash them both.


Jibrīl Al-Las’as

Jibrīl scrabbles for the torch and hurries to help Hawk and Thwip.

He calls back to Nic and Ranar to get Arron and the box back into the room.


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In the main chamber, Jibril sheathes his janbiya and snatches up his torch, while Hawk continues to bleed on the floor. As Thwip curls into defensive ball, he notices a glow off to his right. Eventually recognizing the glow as Jibril’s torch, he realizes that his vision has returned. Meanwhile, Eabd sheathes his sword and places his shield upon the ground.

As the fresh Things charge in, they divide, with one heading into the southern passageway while the other three spread across the main chamber. One of the Things cannons into Jibril’s back, leaving both severely bruised but still standing.

In the southern passage, Aronn steps back and sends another smokebolt into the head of de Courcy’s opponent, momentarily stunning it before it shakes off the spell. Nic’s sword continues to whirl about the corridor in its bloody song. However, the adrenalin of the moment overwhelms his normally precise control; missing both of the Things in front of him, he instead sends his sword whipping into Ranar’s back. Fortunately, the dwarven warrior’s armour deflects the stroke.

With a huge grunt, Ranar lifts his opponent from the ground and attempts to use it as a battering ram against another foe. Although the secondary target skips aside, Ranar does succeed in slamming his grappler against the wall. Attempting to pull the dwarf to the ground, the slammed Thing succeeds in nothing except for losing its grip and falling to the floor. However, as soon as it is gone it is replaced by the second Thing, once again wrapping its arms around Ranar’s chest.

Jibril is under Thing 15, facing towards Hawk. Ranar is under Thing 10, with another Thing on the ground at his feet. Thwip is dazzled, everyone else can see normally.



– Not dead yet? More time to think of better last words.–

Thwip grabs his gun and makes for Blue Hawk. Perhaps his moving will prove distracting at the very least.

– That stupid… why is it sitting there? –

“Eabdt. Trip zee Zing next to you!”

– So tired. –


Ranar Bolijyr

“Well if it ain’t one thing, it’s another!” Ranar mutters, turning to slam the thing now grappling him down onto the one that just was. Something just whacked him across the back and it didn’t feel fleshy, but there’s another thing there, between him and de Courcy. He reaches out, trying to grab it. “Get back to safety, stop these things!” he shouts toward Nicolas and Aronn.


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Scrambling backwards away from the constantly tearing claws, Thwip snatches up his rifle and hurriedly cocks it, shouting at Eabd as he does so. Meanwhile, Eabd lifts Hawk’s unconscious form from the ground and turns towards the map room, ignoring the nearest Thing as it makes a futile attempt to reclaim the shaman’s body.

Nearby, Jibril staggers as he struggles to hold onto consciousness. Barely avoiding the claws swiping at his throat, he carves another slice from his opponent.

At the mouth of the side corridor, Ranar flings off another grasping Thing and steps back to give his axe room to swing. Further into the passageway, Aronn retreats towards the map room, firing off smokebolts as he goes. As the elf’s magic stupefies one opponent, de Courcy slices at the other, cutting deep into its flesh.

Back to the wall, Thwip fires at point blank range. The bullet slams home squarely into the Thing’s chest, but does not prevent it from once again attempting to flay the battered goblin. Desperately attempting to avoid the claws, Thwip slips and falls at its feet.

As Eabd continues to carry Hawk towards the map room, Jibril grits his teeth and directs another blow at his opponent. Again, the blow strikes home, and once more the accumulated wounds finally overcome a Thing. As it explodes, Jibril hurriedly turns to defend himself from another attacker, intercepting the grasping claws with the edge of his blade.

In the side corridor, Aronn fires off another smokebolt, stupefying Nic’s immediate opponent. Taking the opportunity, Nic steps in and sends the Thing’s head flying with a scything stroke. At the same moment, Ranar brings his axe down on the Thing crowding the stairs, creating another burst of light and dust to match de Courcy’s results.

Of the two remaining Things in the side corridor, one struggles to its feet while the other continues to stand immobile, stupefied by Aronn’s magic.

As the approach of Eabd and Hawk draws his attention, Ranar notices Thwip’s increasingly vulnerable situation. Leaving the last two Things in the side corridor for de Courcy and Aronn to deal with, he turns and runs to the goblin’s aid.

Still grimly retaining consciousness, Jibril continues to step and slice. However, he is betrayed by the blood running onto his hands; although he retains a hold of his sword, the hilt slips and turns in his grasp. The Wazifi desperately dodges claws as he struggles to regain a proper hold of his weapon.

In the side corridor, Aronn turns and hobbles towards the map room. Meanwhile, Nic despatches his nearest opponent with a pair of lightning slashes, before stepping back and finishing off the second Thing as it tries to tackle him to the ground. The hallway fills with light.

Thwip took another 5HP in those rounds; both him and Jibril are having to make rolls vs HT every second to retain consciousness. Thwip is also beginning to stiffen up into paralysis. Ranar is dazzled (-3) again.


Nicolas de Courcy

Aronn’s smokebolts fly down the corridor, as de Courcy carves into the cadaverous things.

The flashes and cries from the main chamber spill into the hall. They’re dying out there, de Courcy thinks.

“Return the box…” a thing’s head flies free, and de Courcy glances down to avoid the dazzling flash “… we need breathing room.”

He’s already running towards the chamber as his last opponent fills the hall with sizzling light, yelling back at Aronn.

“I want a raise!”

The ancient mercenary battlecry fading from his lips, de Courcy moves to protect Jibril.


They’re dying out there, de Courcy thinks


– Deus meus, ex toto corde pænitet me ómnium meórum peccatórum éaque detéstor, quia peccándo, non solum pœnas a te iuste statútas proméritus sum, sed præsértim quia offéndi te, summum bonum, ac dignum qui super ómnia diligáris. Ídeo fírmiter propóno, adiuvánte grátia tua, de cétero me non peccatúrum peccandíque occasiónes próximas fugitúrum.–


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As Thwip’s mind reaches for the solace of the next world, it slips away from consciousness of this one.

But before the Thing above him can fulfil its obvious desire to tear out the goblin’s throat, it is slammed face first into the wall by a ballistic dwarf. Stepping back with a satisfied grin, Ranar carefully brings down his axe onto the fallen Thing, releasing another burst of light. Ranar slings his axe and gently lifts the bleeding goblin, turning back towards the map room.

Retreating towards the map room corridor, Jibril continues to slash away with his tulwar. The first blow almost decapitates the Thing; nevertheless, it merely gurgles and continues to pursue. The second blow, delivered just as Nic arrives beside him at the base of the stairs, finishes the job.

As Eabd and Ranar lumber past with their respective cargoes, Jibril and de Courcy trade banter as they take guard at the bottom of the stairs. However, Jibril’s part in the conversation is discontinued as he slumps to the floor in a pool of his own blood, sending his torch rolling out into the main chamber.

The light reveals two more Things approaching from the darkness, splashing through the water that is slowly beginning to spread across the floor.

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Jibrīl Al-Las’as

Jibrīl dreams of minarets, and Sultan’s daughters.


Ranar Bolijyr

Pushing past Nicolas and Jibril and on up the stairway, Ranar is momentarily relieved that everyone is finally back together in a defensible position. But the sound of running water from behind casts a dark shadow on that relief.

Halfway back to the room with the magic table, at the sound of another body falling, he turns to see Jibril collapsed next to Nic. He pauses, looking at the doorway ahead and the stairway behind. Shaking his head and sighing, he grunts and puts a little more energy in his step.

“Must be quick.” he tells himself, glancing back down the stairs and trying not to let Thwip flop around too much.


Nicolas de Courcy

As de Courcy takes guard with Jibril at the base of the stairs, he attempts to lighten the mood with the most ridiculous bravado he can think of.

“So what do we say to Death, my friend? We say say n…” Jibril slumps to floor at de Courcy’s feet. “…be right with you. Merde.”

Ever the pragmatist, He deftly sheaths his dagger and darts forward to snatch up the torch.

Being rushed and torn apart while attempting to drag a wounded comrade would certainly be a noble death, but de Courcy preferred that sort of thing remained on the stage where it belonged. And did not involve his noble death.

No, he thinks as he steps into guard between Jibril and the cadaver-things, nobody who’s not already a dead-thing is going to die here.


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As Eabd stands motionless over the unconscious Hawk, Aronn returns the box to the centre of the no-mana chamber. Meanwhile, Ranar races down the hallway, Thwip in his arms.

At the base of the stairs, de Courcy moves to stand in front of the fallen Jibril. Waiting until the last moment, he slices his blade across the chest of a charging Thing, deflecting it to the side as the second Thing charges in.

Reaching the doorway, Ranar mutters an apology as he hurriedly slides the goblin over the threshold. Spinning and drawing his axe, he charges back the way he came.

Stepping back, de Courcy whips his blade across in another stroke, narrowly missing the Thing as it ducks. However, his return stroke cleanly intercepts the grasping claws, leaving another arm lying on the floor.

Beside them, the second Thing grabs Jibril’s legs and begins to drag him out into the main chamber. Seeing the danger, de Courcy leaps forwards in a desperate lunge, scything his blade across both Things as he goes. But although the stroke is dramatic, it is not effective; both Things avoid the blows.

Back in the map room, Aronn extends his staff towards Hawk. Dark smoky tendrils crawl across Hawk’s wounds, glistening with black as they pull the flesh together. The shaman’s eyes spring open.

As Jibril continues to be dragged away, Ranar thunders down the stairs. He skips past de Courcy just as the swordsman finishes off his opponent; the ensuing burst of light gives him a target for his charge

Bellowing a war cry, the dwarven warrior launches himself at his companion’s captor. When a shoulder-charge fails to dislodge its grip, Ranar steps back and brings his axe across in a successful effort to detach one of its arms. Nevertheless, the Thing snarls and presses forwards again, dodging another slash from de Courcy as it does so.

Back in the map room, a puzzled Aronn pokes an unresponsive Hawk with his staff. The shaman’s eyes are open and moving, but he is silent and otherwise motionless.

In the chaos of combat, it is sometimes easy to miss small details. However, Ranar and Nic do notice a few things:

Firstly, the sound of rushing water has stopped, although whether that is because the flow has ceased or whether it is just muffled by the rising water is unclear.

Secondly, the water in the main chamber is now approaching ankle-deep. If the torch is dropped again, it will be extinguished.

Thirdly, another Thing just stepped through the wall directly in front of you.

Hawk, you’ve been healed 8HP of damage; see PM for other details.


Blue Hawk

Hawk awakens from dreams of a wave of blackness, full of teeth and claws, spreading across the land. The pain has been lessened a bit, but it is definitely still there.

The paralysis that had been creeping over him before is now almost-total. There’s a little bit of motion in his neck, eyes, and throat, but he is otherwise completely motionless.

I will not disgrace the spirits by leaving the world in this way, he thinks. He draws together the tattered remnants of the drumbeat he had been working on when he passed out, and focuses on it to the point where he feels his ears reverberate from the imaginary pounding. With a tremendous force of will, he gasps out a word in his native language…

And the paralysis is gone. His body relaxes, and Hawk resists the urge to curl up into a ball from pain and exhaustion. He sees Arron standing above him and gasps out “Claws… Poison… Paralysis…” He then begins readying himself for the herculean effort of getting to his feet.


Jibrīl Al-Las’as

Jibrīl has strange, terrible dreams of monsters.

Those things are gonna come in here just like they did before. And they’re gonna come in here…

Things burst out of walls and floors, and grasp and grab at him.

Come on! Come on! Come and get it, baby! Come on! I don’t got all day! Come on! Come on! Come on you bastard! Come on, you too! Oh, you want some of this? Fuck you!





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Inside the map room, Hawk moves to heal Thwip. Out in the main chamber, Nic steps forwards and slashes at the nearest Thing, wincing as the resulting flash burns into his eyes. Seizing the moment, Ranar slings his axe and snatches up Jibril, turning back towards the map room corridor.

The second Thing sprints towards them. Stepping to cover his retreating companions, Nic braces his rapier against the torch as he deflects the charging Thing to the side. His grin turns to a curse as another Thing appears from the wall.

As Ranar reaches the base of the stairs, the deflected Thing dives at the encumbered dwarf. Slinging Jibril under his right arm, he fends off the Thing with his left. Behind him, de Courcy’s slash at the fresh Thing is diverted by a need to snatch his sword arm out of the way of an attempted grapple.

Falling back towards the corridor, de Courcy slashes again. This time, the blade cuts deep; however, this time he fails to avoid the Thing’s grasping claws. Sword arm pinned, he desperately flails with the torch as it releases half of its grip to claw at his unprotected throat.

As Ranar reaches the top of the stairs, the pursuing Thing attempts to tackle him to the ground. However, intent upon his mission, the burly dwarf barely even notices as the Thing ineffectually ricochets off his back.

As the Thing rises to its knees, Ranar reaches the door and unceremoniously tosses Jibril through it. Spinning back to face the corridor, he barely has time to step clear before de Courcy breaks free and dives through the door after him.

Slamming it shut, the two of them throw their weight against the thankfully solid metal door. A thunderous pounding erupts as the Things slam themselves against it.

The door opens inwards. Ranar and Nic are holding it without too much difficulty, and Jibril or Thwip could try to lock it. Hard to pick a lock while Things are pounding on it, though.

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Blue Hawk

Hawk hears the door slam and takes the moment required to do this properly, using his drumbeat and summoning the spirits of Thwip’s caretakers to intercede.

The power surges and the drumbeat changes, and he calls forth the spirits of the animals: the swift jaguar for speed; the nimble chipmunk for dexterity; the industrious beaver for skill; and channels those spirits into Thwip’s paralysed limbs in order to let him move again.

The healer has not the power available at this time to remove the poison entirely, but he can at least ameliorate its effects. The drum pounds, and the power surges, and Hawk rocks backward on his heels with fatigue.

He looks up to survey the remaining casualties and spots Jibrīl lying motionless on the floor.

The shaman groans and takes a moment to gather himself and consider the larger picture before he will continue his duties as a healer.

“If I have time to rest, I can get us out through water. Spirits can turn water to air in lungs, and we can swim out. Dark and dead-things will be more problem.”

The tribesman, every motion causing him to wince, steps over to Jibrīl and half-lowers himself, half-collapses next to him. “Other suggestions welcome.”



– This afterlife isn’t very good. It’s too noisy. In fact I think it might still be my duringlife.–

Thwip attempts to move his head. Then his body. Then his brain. Eyes follows ears.

– Well, marginally better. Everyone is here. Why aren’t they locking the door? –

A good question, so he asks, “Whey don’t yi lock t’ dar?”


Ranar Bolijyr

Ranar leans back against the door, panting for breath. That was a little too close. Right now, more than anything, he’d like to just curl up in a dark corner and nap. But from the looks of things, the shaman might be more exhausted. And the others aren’t exactly looking full of energy either. Trying not to think of the water, or of being trapped in here, he catches his breath and clears his throat.

Turning to De Courcy, “D’ye think ye can hold it? I could t-t-tend to Jibril if - if you - or um, you and the armor,” he nods toward Eabd, “can keep those things out.”