GURPS Banestorm PBBB narrative thread


NIcolas de Courcy

Eabd, hold this door shut, We can hold them out until everyone’s on their feet,” he says bracing his back against the door.

“But then we need to fight through, in a group. Getting past these things while swimming is going to be impossible.”


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Eabd turns and braces his metal hands against the door. The pounding continues, but the door does not move at all.


Jibrīl Al-Las’as

*bleeds, unconsciously*



Thwip, nothing but a green ache, tries to drag himself up. His entire skin loudly protests this plan so he lays back down.

– Can we at least crawl? –

With some effort he rolls over onto his stomach.

– Get the arms and knees moving and we’re good. –

Looking somewhat like he’s looking for his burning glass…

– Did my burning glass make it? This coat didn’t.–

… he makes his way over to the door on all fours.

“Goot jobp, Eabdt. Keep it zhut vile I study zis lock.”

After some seconds Thwip realizes that he’s studying the floor. It moves a lot for something so solid under his hands. He pulls his head up and attempts to focus his eyes on the door. Eabd may be needed for something else soon and that door will need to stand on it’s own. A very solid seal. He wouldn’t want to rely on it to hold the water back. Or maybe it would? The space in between the tiles looks pretty solid…

– I’m looking at the floor again. –

He tries to bring his head back up to study the door one more time.


Blue Hawk

After taking a moment to gather himself about himself again, Hawk seizes his drum and taps out the same familiar rhythm that he had played before Thwip awoke; chanting and calling forth the spirits to aid Jibrīl and restore him to consciousness.

The spirits heed his call, and the power flows forth to repair some of the damage that the Wazifi-man has sustained.

Feeling another rush of fatigue, Hawk looks around to see what still needs to be done. He is still bleeding from the scrapes himself, as are Jibrīl and Thwip, although all are looking much better than they had been when they entered the room.

Too tired to give it more than a bare afterthought, Hawk calls upon the spirits to stop his own bleeding, and then Jibrīl’s. They respond with alacrity to bind his own wounds closed, but when he tries to direct them to do the same for his companion, they rebel, and the shaman’s strength deserts him entirely.

Fool, he chastises himself, to abuse the gifts of the spirits, and ask them to do the menial work that bandages could do just as effectively. You are a shaman, and so they will readily do you such a favour, but you know better than to push their good will too far.

With great effort, Hawk pulls himself back into a seated position, sweating heavily. “Clean bandages. Bind Jibrīl , Thwip or they will bleed. I must rest now, if we wish the spirits to help us breathe while in the water.”

Hawk waits for a few moments to see if anyone needs anything before he enters his recovery trance.


Ranar Bolijyr

With Eabd taking his place at the door, Ranar kneels down, unslings his pack, and after a brief bit of rummaging around pulls out some strips of cloth and a pouch of rather battered but still fragrant herbs. Firmly but gently, he applies bandages to Jibril’s wounds and holds out the pouch of herbs. “Take a few deep breaths.”


Jibrīl Al-Las’as

Jibrīl slowly comes around, and shakes his head.

Gingerly, he tries to stand. Urrrrghh.

He turns to Ranar.

“Many thanks, my friend. Where are we? …those things? What do you need me to do?”


Ranar Bolijyr

Ranar smiles, first at the artisanry of the bandaging job (Tagani, his Dwarven first aid mentor, would be proud), then a bigger smile as Jibril comes around. “Ay, hey, t-take it easy there. We’ve pulled back to the dinin’ room of the crazy.” He gestures toward the magic table, then turns toward the door. “The corpsey-things are right outside. Maybe if you’re up to it, you could take over for Thwip, lockin’ 'em out, while I patch him up.”

Grabbing another length of cloth he turns to Thwip and holds out the herb pouch. “You’re looking a little, umm… ah…, not-green, my friend. Relax for a minute. Take a few deep breaths of this.”




– Reminds me of home…–


Jibrīl Al-Las’as

Jibrīl moves over to the door, and tries to lock it with his picks while Eabd holds it steady.


Jibrīl Al-Las’as

Still groggy, Jibrīl fumbles with the picks as the door is banged on. The picks slip out.

Cursing under his breath, he tries again.


Blue Hawk

As no one seems to need his expertise or wishes to discuss the larger strategy of escape, Hawk enters his restorative trance.



Being lost in a world between the floor and the herbs, Thwip doesn’t notice Jabril moving in to lock the door until a few moments have passed. He looks up and stares at him as he works.

“Yi bandages ar luuvly tied tere. Snuk, sniff.”

He turns to Ranar as he tends to Thwips wounds, “Did yi do tem? Luuvly werk. Snuuuf.”


Jibrīl Al-Las’as

Jibrīl turns to his colleages.

So, we’re locked in here, those things are out there, and the whole place is filling up with water?

What do we do? What if we put the box back?

Possible PBBB laptop RPG game

Jibrīl Al-Las’as

Okay, it’s already back. Guess I missed that.

What about this table? Has anyone looked at it properly? Does it do anything?



– Ah, yes.–

Thwip wobbles his way to a standing position, using Ranar as a convenient pillar. “Tanks”

He takes a few steps to the table and touches it. “Shew me zis room.”


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As before, the table activates when you touch the silver disc. Again, a cloud of sparks flow out of the gemstones ringing the table, and an elderly voice requests in Arabic: “Please state the region that you wish to view”.

In response to Thwip’s request, an image forms.

Instead of the apparently real-time aerial view of the prior image of Thwip’s hometown, this time the sparks form into a floorplan schematic, similar to an architect’s drawing. It shows just the map room, with the table in the centre and two doors leading off, exactly as it is.



– Let’s see how much this thing knows.–

“Shew me zee komplete layout off ziz facility including zee ezkape routez in ze event off und siege.”


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The spark-map rearranges itself to this:



– That spider and its food didn’t walk in the front door. Unless it’s a five hundred year old spider? I don’t want to think about that.–

Anglish: “Unless anny off yi haff an idea off what t’ look fir, I’m goin’ t’ be mithodical as I kin.”

Arabic: “Place zis map under zee landschape above it from a height off…”

– Now how tall was that bell tower again?–

“Um… Vun hundredt fifty yards,”