Guy casually driving his reverse-built pickup truck down the highway

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Better be cool with being pulled over by police.

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In most jurisdictions, any body style is legal as long as all the lights are in the right places. That is what will eventually get him a ticket here. It’s a funny stunt that car builders do from time to time, but the real art of it is getting the lights legal while still looking backwards.

Better executed ones will, for example, use high power LEDs in the backup lights that qualify as legal headlights, and swap the “front” amber blinkers for red to count as legal tail lights. In some jurisdictions, its enough for the bulb to be red but not have the reflector plastic over it, so people will swap the headlight internals with a clear taillight with a red bulb.


I’m glad to see he added new wing mirrors in this modification. Is the steering shifted to the formerly-rear wheels too?

This pickup conversion of course immediately limits the usefulness of the vehicle as a pickup.


I suspect that a person who chooses to do this to their vehicle, does not have usefulness high on their priority list.



Seems really dangerous in a lot of ways - the front visibility has got to be terrible given its length (and the gate is up, too?), other drivers being confused about the vehicle (you expect the truck to be driving in a certain direction, so certain very dangerous assumptions get made when it’s not), etc…


Hm. I wonder what the insurance company would say about it?

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Front visibility is terrible in a lot of pickups right out of the factory. With hood heights quickly approaching five feet for the most popular truck models, this may not be much worse. It is absolutely unconscionable that the NHTSA scrapped the proposal to take into account pedestrian safety in vehicle ratings.


The more I stare at it, the more the bed looks like the extended nose of a late 60s sports car, but with a bulky cadillac build. Being high up with a long nose has to be tough though, like a GMC eagle with a corvette length. The aerodynimcs on that bed and windshield have to be fucked tho…

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That’s cheating, here’s how to do it properly.

Side note, awesome movie.

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Well yeah, exactly - they’re terrible that way, and in reverse, with the gate up, the height is roughly the same, only it’s a lot longer, making visibility all that much worse. It’s making something that’s already grotesque even more grotesque.

Only it’s like three times higher…

Yeah, I was thinking about that, wondering just how bad they must be. Also things like crash safety, as the vectors of impact are going to be different than expected…

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