Custom van that drives upside down and backwards

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Reminds me of the Trippy Tippy Hippy Van.

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ha- beat me with a Speedycop call-out.

Um, cool? It looks really unstable. How would something like that even be allowed on public streets?

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I don’t know about stability, but the lack of seatbelts and the red lights on the “front” of the vehicle definitely make it non-road-worthy. I will say in its favor that it’s got twice as many bumpers as many of the junkers I see driving around here. Sure, they’re too far off the ground to do any good, but they’re there.

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Came to say I assumed it was only allowed on private land. Can’t imagine it meets regs for being street-legal.

I am laughing uncontrollably at this

this is definitely a wonderful thing


As a child, I was obsessed with the idea of building/driving a car with the interior installed backwards, so it would appear to be driving backwards down the street. I mean, how cool would that be? Everybody’s got their normal cars, and then you go cruising past in your backwards car!

Finally, I’ve seen that goofy childish idea made manifest. And I’m very pleased.


Looks like an art car; the guy narrating the video said they were off to the Memorial Day Parade. I doubt they use the thing as a daily driver.

Hilariously jaw-dropping. But, could the location of the exhaust pipe be a bit of a glitch, given the intent of the loony mod?

Also from Speedycop:

I assume Memorial Day Parade permits all sorts of non-street-legal stuff, then. Fair enough. Whether it’s daily driver or a once a year special trip to Granny’s, I’m sure it ain’t legal in either case.

I met some people years ago who had a garage, and took the body off a Mini-van (the Mini car with a van back) and put it back with the seats in the same place but the body reversed. Apparently the wheels are almost the right place, and the body needs little altering. The headlights were small and the tail-lights were large, so that didn’t need a lot of altering either. You can’t see sideways out of the driver’s seat without sticking in a few extra side windows at the back, but there were kits for that. I never saw the thing, but I think it was road legal in the UK.

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I wonders where’s the best place to go with an up-side-down van-ity… :slight_smile:

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