This VW camper van drives sideways


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Well, that’s a relief.
Reading the headline, for a minute I thought Jason had flipped or something.


Important to note: This contraption is actually raced at one of the 24 Hours of LeMons events. As were all of the other vehicles mentioned. The event puts a premium on this sort of shenanigans and rewards not only race winners but especially creative creations like this one.


That doesn’t look safe. Not for the van itself…but for the drivers that might over-react and swerve out of the way if they saw it in the rear-view mirror.


It screams practicality.


I wonder if he’s met Ed China?


Judging by the footage I am betting it isn’t street legal.


To be fair, over-reacting is not generally safe anyway.


WAG, but thinking they’re not planning for mass production. :smirk:


See police, you can do cool things that generally delight the populace!

(hint, shooting black people isn’t one of those things…)


I was going to say it probably just really needed an alignment.

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