Guy Fawkes masks for people of many nations, genders and backgrounds

Because Irony?
I dunno best i can come up with sorry.

This person completly misses the entire point of wearing these masks…anonymity. infusing your personal identity into a mask designed to make you anonymous is about the stupidest idea i have heard all day.

Besides i find these new masks to be more offensive to the identities they are supposed to represent then the offense they are supposed to rectify. FAIL.

I think this is a art project where someone took an idea they had and spun some BS to justify it.

The only good thing is that they though to include Juggalos and Egyptian Pharaohs in their small sampling represented. That made me LOL.

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Yeah, give me an unique version of Guy Fawkes mask so I will be anonymous


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And still no Guy Fawkes mempo, it seems if you’re going to risk police brutality, you’d want to protect more than just your anonymity.

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I’m holding out for the female Guy Fawkes mask, or at least an androgynous one.

Do these fall under fair use, or does the creator owe money to Time Warner?

Well he is clearly already a she in drag, how else you explain the blush.

Indeed. See the following comment (‘officially licensed merchandise’). As ever, ironies abound.

Why not use your own face? What’s more diversified and customized than that?

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