Just another day in the Anonymous mines

Guy Fawkes mask factory, photographer unknown (please comment if you can identify her or him). (Thanks, Fipi Lele!) READ THE REST

I thought they had to be 3D printed to count.


Ha! Workers of the world… exploit!!!

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Now that’s irony.

Oh, look. We can pretend all we want, but us white guys are on vacation all the time. It is all a lark and a laugh and so long as one can get laid one is doing OK.

Excuse me if I fail to take on your cause, fair champion of the common good, mighty soldier in the daily fight. I need a ciggy break.

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It seems that this is the original article: it’s about a brazilian factory that is producing more than 800 masks a day, after street protests in Brazil.

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I want to tell younger me to cherish that Noid-mask spring.

Was it insufficiently ironic that Guy Fawkes was an ultra-right-wing religious fanatic who wanted to take the country back to the Middle Ages? It’s like wearing a Timothy McVeigh mask.


When confronted with an unknown photo, you can use it in Google Images to search for similar stuff and often discover the provenance of it. Either download the photo temporarily to your computer, or copy the URL, then click on the little camera in the far right of the Google Images search bar. This lets you use the file or URL as a “search term”.

It doesn’t always work - old military maps, for instance, often just come up with images which match the general background color of the map - but it helps often enough to be one of the tools in your toolbox.

Yes, I know that. Neither Image Search nor Tineye turned up anything useful at the time I queued this up for posting.

I thought it was, but as it happens this irony is the cherry on the ironic banana split. Though, it seems as though someone should have assumed this was happening.

I would have liked to know the names of the workers whose images were being used, probably without their knowledge. Probably not knowable, possibly even dangerous for them to have their names in print, but it still stuck out to me.

A Timothy McVeigh mask? Cool, where can I get one. Wait, was he in a movie adaptation of a graphic novel or did I just hear about him on tumblr?

It is not like you are talking about Foxconn. They are surely underpaid, but work conditions in Brasil are not that monstrous for most of the population.

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