Guy Fawkes signature, before and after torture

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I’m eerily reminded of this old photo from my middle school science textbook:


Guy Fawkes’s signature following torture still looks better than my normal handwriting.


Amazingly, I could read it.


Reading the account of this torture from The Enemy Within I am reminded that people have been dicks for the entirety of our history.

“Elizabeth asked if some crueller than usual punishment might be devised for them. When Lord Burghley assured her that the existing methods were quite sufficient”

After the first 7 - Elizabeth ordered the rest to be hung until death before the ‘rest of the ritual’ was done to assure it wasn’t as horrific as the first batch. So after asking for a particularly cruel execution - the queen was disgusted by the usual methods. This is why our constitution in the U.S.A. has a provision against ‘cruel or unusual punishment’.


Wouldn’t that be king? Elizabeth died in 1603, yeah, so this would be post-Tudor and smack in the early days of the Stuart line.

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Whoops - my bad I was reading the punishment of the earlier plot to put Mary Queen of Scot on the throne. Apparently the idea of disembowelment of someone still alive was running along 50 years later…

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I was just saying in general, not aimed at you specifically. It’s true that a number of plots were formulated and uncovered during the Tudor period, including the one related to Mary. Obviously, with Elizabeth’s death, things just spiraled further out of control (17th century saw the civil war, etc, in the England…).

And I think that torture was standard in law enforcement until relatively recently (and is still practiced, in more covert ways now).


Thank you, Brown v. Mississippi (1938):

...was a United States Supreme Court case that ruled that a defendant's involuntary confession that is extracted by police violence cannot be entered as evidence and violates the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Interestingly, Fawkes — or any other prisoner — could not be tortured until specific authorization was granted by the King.

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My own conclusion from this is: hallucinogenic tryptamines are even more divine than previously thought. Also, Alan Ginsburg was right: to hell with amphetamine.

a) The caffeinated one got done really quick and had time to go play video games.
b) How the heck to you have that for reference? That said, the images from mine were all woodcut prints.

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