Guy hikes 2600 miles of Pacific Crest Trail, takes selfie every mile. Here's the video


If you play it backwards you can clearly see him mouth a satanic message.


More interesting than I thought it would be, his face was more compelling than the scenery. As a bearded guy, I was puzzled as how he kept his so well trimmed on the trail. It’s hard to do so well with scissors. Solar electric trimmer? He also lost a lot of weight.


By mile 300 he was obviously losing weight; by mile 2400 he started to look like The Edge.


I watched his face the entire time as well. The physical transformation was really interesting.


Don’t tell anybody the fountain of youth is actually the PCT. Thanks.

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That beard was hypnotic after a while.

I really want to through-hike the PCT some day, and I blame it squarely on This Video by Mac of Halfway Anywhere. Oh, and the music is by Pretty Lights (Derek Vincent Smith), “I Can See It In Your Face.”

(Holy link-dump Batman! What is this, Metafilter?)

What’s the brand of that hat he’s wearing? I need a lightweight hat for this summer that goes over my ears.

Towards the end I started to think that maybe he used the grey hairs in his beard as the registration marks to line up the photos! LOL They barely seemed to move. It took me part way into this to realize that he is probably not a super-perfect selfie taker and that he cropped the photos to align them to his face as the stationary object. Made for a very good effect.

Would it not be software tracking the eyes as a fixed point for such registration? I can’t tell for sure because the thing moves too quickly and it’s difficult to do a frame by frame on t’tube without downloading the video. But keeping the eyes fixed would be the way to keep the viewer’s attention, otherwise he’d look shifty, untrustworthy etc.

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I never had anything like a bucket list before. Now I do, with one item on it.

I’m gonna hike this sumbitch myself. Doubt I’ll take selfies, but if I do, I’ll be smiling a lot in them.

I’m kind of sad that it ended! I love a good time lapse.

Cool idea, though if I made the hike myself I doubt I’d take selfies.

It’s too bad the video is composed of frames every 20 miles. I was looking for some specific spots where the trail comes out onto roads and I didn’t see them.

Picasa does a good job of that. Zooms and rotates the images to align the faces; creates a movie.

Why can’t people just do shit anymore without documenting it for the godforsaken social media public? The narcissism, it overwhelms and inundates.

They do, and that’s why we don’t hear about those instances: because they’re not documented. De-grump a tad.

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because until now the technology for making this kind of presentation was hard to use and took a lot of time effort to process. i am willing to bet that more than a few someones have a photo album of pictures taken every mile along the trail taken with old fashioned film even. now you can use a decent tablet, solar charger and some SD cards instead, and with a bit of software you get a cool time lapse of the journey. would it have been better if it wasn’t selfies every mile? i thought it was a neat project and if you go through the time and effort why not share it with the world? not like anyone forced you to watch it.

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