Watch man's ten years of selfies, starting at age 12


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Thankfully his faux hawk period was limited.


I wonder if he began to regret his chosen facial expression?


The only wait out — at that point — is thru. Fun to see a few recurring characters in there – the sister, the wife, etc.


And the Amish beard period!


Sorry, but when I feel like looking at a never changing expression of averageness, I’ll just use a mirror.


The world’s new philosophy:

“The unexamined unselfied life is not worth living.”


I have a recollection of a similar video from the '90s, when the internet and digital cameras were still new. A guy did six years of selfies (before we even called it that).


Proof that the movie Boyhood was way too long.


Okay, do it again, but this time with better lighting.


I can’t believe all the hate and criticism here. The guy started when he was 12 FFS. This isn’t a technical achievement. Or an artistic achievement.

It’s a personal achievement.

Anyone else here gonna say they spent about 10 years doing this themselves starting as a child can post their own cut.


Not bad. Made me think of this:


I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call it an achievement, but it shows a longer view than the average 12 year old takes. It was pretty much inevitable this stuff would start showing up about a decade or so after the ubiquity of cheap digital cameras.

They can post it, but once the flood starts, the novelty will be diluted. Then, unless the person if famous, it will only be of interest to friends and family. So, ah, welcome to the age of timelapsed selfies.

Mind you I’m not knocking it. What this kid/guy did is very cool. But it’s cool because he was one of the the first to start and complete a decade of them.

Here’s someone that started in '98…

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