Dad shares time-lapse of his daughter from birth to age 18

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Great music selection for both videos, and I admit that these time-lapse portraits are still rare enough to be a fascinating look at growing up.

But am I the only one who feels it’s a little creepy to be essentially paging through someone else’s family photo album? Granted that’s largely what Facebook has become, but at least there people can use privacy settings and normally only find each other through networks of associations. It feels a little weird to be watching people’s actual families like television.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to the age of public life-logging Steve Mann and his ilk have set in motion. I’m not saying it’s wrong, and I still find the science fictional aspect of it fascinating as before it leapt from the page into real life. But it’s such a tectonic shift in human social behavior in such a short span of time.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go chase IoT-enabled garden gnomes off my lawn…


I wonder how you get a tear stained teenager to agree to pose in front of the time lapse curtain?


Maybe a good actress trying to show a rage of emotions? There were a few where she seemed angry, which would seem even less conducive to posing.

Alternatively, it’s entirely likely this became as much her project as her dad’s as she grew up, and perhaps she wanted to capture herself candidly even if she was mad or sad.


This makes my ovaries pulsate wildly.

And I don’t even have ovaries.



That’s a Lotte of pictures!

I’ll show myself out…


She seems so unabashedly happy when she’s a kid, but as she hits her teens not so much. By fifteen I actually found it a bit painful. That’s normal, I guess (certainly was for me) but it still is hard to see.



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He took at least twice as many. So you’re only seeing Hof, meester.

Right behind you.


I loved how this one was done with video. All the photo-based ones are interesting as well – in some ways they are better at showing how the face really changes – but the blank expressions that they require tends to leave the viewer feeling cold. There’s no emotion you feel from them apart from the nostalgia of aging.

The videos, though, actually give some sense of the life of the person. I love how both kids were speaking throughout this. I wonder if they are actually keeping a daily vlog of some kind, something that can actually be watched for the memories by the people involved.

I always watch this wishing I did it – I still could, my kids are 1 and 4 – but I couldn’t for the life of me imagine fitting a daily photoshoot in our family’s life. And it would seem so much like “Dad’s little project.” So instead I’m hoping that Google Photos works its AI magic on the millions of photos I do take – after all, it already is automatically making movies for me, with cutesy titles like “They grow up so fast.

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The video aspect of this is just wonderful. Warm, fuzzy feelings in my heart.

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really touching. good reminder how quickly it passes and the fragile blossoming from childhood through teens and adulthood. beautiful. i’m thankful that they shared these.



It reminds me of Tony Schwartz’s amazing audio, Nancy Grows Up. I get teary every time, and my oldest is still only 12.


Nope, not at all creepy that many of these clips appear to fresh out of the shower.

Wow, people will just about sexualize everything.


yeah, that’s on you man.


I wonder if this pulls on the heartstrings of people without kids as much as it does to me (with 2). It’s a similar emotion to how I feel listening to ‘7 years’ by Lukas Graham.

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It kind of hurts.
Part of me kind of wishes I did this.
It makes you really feel how fleeting fast these years are.

/suddenly very dusty in here.

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There’s such a gradual transition here, from “cute”, to “hot” that I wonder what it would take for all our media to acknowledge the whole person, the way this parent has.

It’s hard to imagine anything different, after being steeped in this stuff all my life. But just for example, the behavior of Miley Cyrus since her release from Disney… Is that %100 on her? Had she been treated differently/better as a child star, could she still be famous now without the slutty show?

A clip like this makes me think about innocence, and what it might be like to celebrate that in public.