Guy makes a solid bronze axe, includes video where the axe falls and slices his legs open


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Cool but more of a hatchet really. He must be trying to cut down on his bronze budget.


Gimli looks on, shakes head sadly.


Yeah, angle grinders are awesome. Just make sure you clamp your bronze axe before you start grinding on it, OK?


Dude needed stitches. Not steri strips.


I was surprised at how little it was bleeding.


not gonna watch.


Monumentum exigere aere perennius. Or not.


For some reason, the guy doesn’t mention this at all in the YouTube description, so it comes as a surprise.

Um, no, the leg-slice didn’t come as a surprise. But thanks for the heads-up.

And, I wonder too – axe or hatchet?


At least needed to get those edges closer together. That’s gonna leave a bigger scar than necessary.

Plus that hatchet handle could get quite slippery leading to yet another injury. Would be a shame to cover it in grip tape though.


It happens at around 10’40". Based on the description I was expecting something much more gruesome and graphic than that.

And this is why you don’t cut corners when it comes to safety (and yes, I know we’ve all been there before).

Here’s quick summary for those who don’t want to/can’t watch:

Dude has his hatchet on a stump and is polishing it with an angle grinder. It’s not secured in any way. The rotation of the grinder flings the hatchet off the stump with it hitting his leg near his calf opening a 3" long or so cut. It’s pretty deep, but looks like it’s all tissue. Not much blood. There’s a few gratuitous wound shots. Finally, with a helper, he closes it up with several butterfly bandages, plops on some Neosporin, applies gauze and wraps it up. The end.

A couple of comments:

Butterfly bandages? Really? That should have definitely had stitches. Also his comment along the lines of “oops should have worn jeans” was :rolling_eyes: as I don’t think that would have helped all that much.


Not really surprising that he cut his leg. Could have been much worse considering his total lack of safety measures when using the angle grinder. No gloves? Bare legs? cutting towards your hand?

I work with angle grinders a lot, and they are no joke. Not even the small ones. You get careless like that and one day you accidentally amputate something.

and now I want and angle grinder.

then buy one. You can have one for under a 100$. Just make sure to wear some sturdier clothing than this swaggering fool.


why is there a huge gouge in one side of the “axe head”?


Reminds me of the poor bastards in India forging NYC manhole covers barefoot:


So you are saying he buried the lead when he failed to mention that he buried the hatchet in his leg?


Those used to be highly specific terms, but not so much any more.

A hatchet was a specific type of carpentry tool with a very particular shape of head, ground in a particular way, and held in a particular way. You’ve probably seen one, but probably never seen one used as intended.

Nowadays people say hatchet to mean just any short handled single handed axe.


Bronze not lead - He buried the bronze.

Wait . . . what?


It has tasted blood. It will surely thirst for more.


I am playing with making a few bronze blades, he didn’t do or skipped the very critical part of work hardening the edge. I was hoping to see other techniques.