Eccentric axe uses physics to make splitting firewood easier




Wow, so many changes to minecraft since the last update...


Yeah but what kind of wood is that? I've split wood where I could pretty lazily bring the ax down and split it. I've split wood where I bring the ax down with all my might and the log just looks at me like, "That all you got, son?"

Neat idea about using the tire! Fortunately for me, I won't be splitting wood any time soon.


I'm going to keep the tire thing in mind the next time I need to deal with logs and want just a bit more safety, I like that axe too...


Yeah, the tire seemed like almost as big a development as the axe itself. smile


I like the idea but $250.00 is a bit steep for an axe.


Yes, but what is your time worth? Having split a log or two in my day with a conventional axe, this contraption looks like it would save a TON of time...


It's still amazing to me that after a couple-hundred thousand years, we are still inventing new tools that have never (to our knowledge) been created before, especially considering how relatively simply this axe is designed.


Time actually weighs less the closer it gets to the axe horizon.


Okay, okay this contraption looks like it would save a SIGNIFICANT QUANTITY of time...


The one issue I can see is that the axe head is going to toss itself to one side when you bring it down, the lever action, but that seems highly likely to torque your/my wrist severely with each impact unless I'm holding the thing real loosey-goosey.


I NEVER use an axe to split wood. I don't know anybody who does. The thing you use is called a SPLITTING MAUL. Also, this guy is demonstrating with short sections of straight grained aspen. So, he's demonstrating with about the easiest thing to split. For a real test you'd have to get up into the wood that branches off. But yes, this guy's Finnish axe is lighter and would make an easier job of splitting a cord of aspen.


Screw axes. Bring in hydraulics.


If you have a cord of logs to split, just go rent a log splitter from Home Depot and be done in a couple of hours.


I was seriously disappointed that his example logs were all lightwood with no knots in it. How about some scrub pine? Some Oak? Maybe a Willow? I don't need a special axe to easily split birch.


Reasonable sure you could get a decent log splitter for that much.


Good point.


Potentially higher total cost of ownership, plus a mechanical log splitter requires some sort of non-food fuel source (liquid combustible, electricity, etc).


I use an axe to split wood. As do, honestly, most people. It's (partially) what the general use axes that are most common are designed for. I' do , however, only use them for smaller chunks of well seasoned wood, and use a Wed for anything gnarly, big or particularly dense. I also tend to keep the thing nice and sharp, and regrind theedge with that use in mind. It's lighter and faster and frankly friendlier for 90% of my splitting.


There are shit simple hand cranked one's, lever run, or even one's that work by dropping weights for height using pulleys. I've even seen people make them from oldcar parts