Gweek podcast 137: The Horrors of Ancient Medicine



(well, ‘figurines’… they look really great but personally I think that really off-model bootleg style heta-uma toys would be more apt :slight_smile: )

I guess the moral of the story is that if you make a really, really awful comic that no one could ever sincerely like, eventually the ironists will decide that it’s the greatest thing ever and demand overpriced collector’s figurines of it.

Hmm. Has Rob Liefeld been a has-been long enough to like him ironically yet? I always get confused.

I’m impressed by how lovingly designed they are. Someone put a lot of time into sculpting those.

Which makes them completely inaccurate, of course. They should be kind of lumpy and slapdash and deformed, like the sculptor was on a tight deadline, and also had heard humans described but never actually seen one.

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I like him unironically (tho because of the weirdness and ‘bad’ qualities to be sure) and furthermore these are nowhere CLOSE to overpriced by comics tat figurine standards.

Hrm. They’re not quite as expensive as I assumed, although I’m not willing to call $28 for a 4.3" figure “cheap.” It is less overpriced than a lot of collector pieces, though.

I make a graphic novel that uses funky process colors to become something that can’t show up on a screen. How can I get a review copy to Wink?

The figures are droolworthy and nicely priced. The upcoming Black Terror would look terrific on my shelf.

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