Hack networking with this easy to use app


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Can you hack an Election with this app?

Asking for a friend.


That is not what the words “networking” and “hacking” normally mean. Usually that is no problem, you get the intent from the context, if you combine the two in one heading the context is not clear any more.


This is not cool.


At some point, someone will send you a picture of their cock. Indeed, this has likely happened already.


A REAL GAME CHANGER! yes! makes a heart hand gesture towards website Best Post


Helping a company build a social graph that they can monetize, being sold as “hacking networking”. It doesn’t even require slight of hand anymore, does it?


So I guess the name linkedindr was taken?


Awesome! A new way to meet financial planners, insurance salesmen, corporate recruiters and office furniture salesmen!


You mean LinkeTindr I think?


I know enough assholes from my career already, thanks.


Sometimes, knowing you don’t want to mine for fish is 9/13ths of the battle. Couldn’t have guessed that OC/ and SONEToE would not be bullet points from the lede, though.


I guess you are saying that I should not have expected cool stuff from the boing boing store? I agree but keep checking it anyway :confused:

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