Instagram launches 'Threads' messaging app just for friends

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A Snapchat knockoff for ‘close friends’ that shares your location data with Mark Zuckerberg? Sign me up!

One of these days he’s going to be honest and name an app "Dumbf*cks". I’ll bet it will get hundreds of millions of users, too.


The problem is I’ve seen a lot of people call this the second coming of Path, based on what, I don’t know. People loved Path. So the nerds are probably all in for this thing.

Amusing how the people are concerned over Threads tracking their location data. Unlike their FB or Instagram apps, right? :thinking:


This present is far more social and invasive than I’d expected my future to be. I think I took a wrong turn in the time-line somewhere.


This just makes me think that you should

and get your friends and family to


I can’t help but feel that our society has already split between people who are horrified at the idea of being tracked and those (the larger majority) who couldn’t care less. The latter seem to be younger.


I’m sure it will be as much of a success as Instagram TV.

I cannot think of a valid reason to share this, regardless I am going to tell you that this app has the same name as the 1984 nuclear war drama. That movie was the first thing I thought of when I read about this app. I will not be using this app.
ETA: yea, am lady of many accumulated years.


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