Cloak - iPhone app to avoid enemies, bores, and jerks


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Sooo, cloak is an app that spies on other people’s locations for people who are against spying on people’s locations?

But, I suppose if they feel like volunteering their location there’s no reason you shouldn’t use the data the way you want…but there still seems something kind of hypocritical about it, even if that isn’t, strictly speaking, true.


Then…don’t, I guess?


No – presumably they would have to be fellow users of Cloak. So bores who consider people like you to be bores as well. Seems pretty niche.

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"Just sync it with Instagram and Foursquare so Cloak knows where your “friends” are, all the time. "

So, they don’t have to be Cloak users, just people who post their location via services that Cloak can sync with.


or you could use it to stalk that special someone you have had your eye (telescopic lens) on


Maybe Cloak should be called “Please Herd Me” if people use strictly to avoid others?

Perhaps also to “avoid solicitors and repo agents”.


(Rod Stewart - from like, the '80s - one of my favorite songs of all time.)

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Incidentally - I hear from an old friend who is an engineer at Amazon that once their delivery drone service goes live - you’ll be able to buy “EyeTime” on their drones to take “Looksies” at objects of interest you direct the drone to follow and/or photovideograph.

Pretty slick - I cannot wait until this comes out 'cause I’m in the business of selling upscale, boutique burqas.

Right now, my business is pretty much limited to Orthodox Muslim women who enjoy quality, high-end, comfortable, breezy burqas at a very reasonable price. I must be CRAZY to let these fine creations go at such prices. What is wrong with me for offering such insane deals?

Anyway - once “EyeTime” goes live - it and the competing services that popup will substantially increase the market for my creations - they’re a labour of love really. I am confident that my pinstripe, Seville Road inspired burqa will be insanely popular with the Wall Street crowd - both the ladies and gents. I’m already getting promising feedback from Scottvest & Cabelas, among others, about travel and sporting friendly versions. I might add that my creations also include a proportion of carbon fibre and/or special metal threat woven into the fine fabric to defeat any surveillance technology from “seeing through” the garment.

In fact - on a personal note - I not only sell these fine creations - I also use them when discretely making sure my girlfriend is safe while shopping, running errands, going to the library, working, going to the women-only health care club, at her OBY/GYN’s office, - well, you know how it is.

This Amazon “EyeTime” thing is going to be huge…HUGE! I just can’t wait for it to go live - it will enhance my bottom line so much that my head explodes just thinking about it. Being able to provide such value and convenience to so many additional people really appeals to my sense of social responsibility.

In which way is it spying when they use data people post? You’d have a point if they were building a massive database of tracking everyone using that data - that would indeed introduce a new quality. But this is using the data for its intended purpose: People let you know where they are. They might want to do so so they get visits or invitations, but that’s not how life works.


“Rod Stewa”, then I stop reading it.

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You missed nothing, from the pointless lyrics to the failed attempt at humor that followed. Please send commiserations for the time I wasted reading that post.


Totally insane idea. It’s fine to spy on other people so long as they don’t spy on you? Here’s an idea, don’t sign in to the location service in the first place. If by some incredibly unlikely chance someone you don’t like buttonholes you at a cafe, tell them you don’t like them and don’t want to talk to them.

This skulking approach to life is not only paranoid and soul-destroying but morally speaking it is pretty much stalking in reverse. Moreover, for those few cases where it might be justified – harassing exes and so on – the data quality of foursquare and services like that is very low, so it wouldn’t be safe to rely on it anyway.

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I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me?

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Well the map indicates that they’re all in Greenpoint or Williamsburg, so they’re bound to run into each other, anyway.

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I heard Obama has something like this and it sends out drone strikes.

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Totally insane idea. It’s fine to spy on other people so long as they don’t spy on you?

Your shrill concern trolling aside, I think the point isn’t to spy on other people as much as it’s simply a way to know if someone you don’t want to see is in your area.

It’s the digital equivalent of entering a store and spotting someone you don’t like, then turning around and leaving.

Also, the only people that are going to pop up on this app are people that opt in to be tracked like this in the first place. I could see your point if it was some nefarious opt-out thing that secretly tracks people without their knowledge, but it’s not that thing and therefore, your point is invalid.

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Forgot to say - for what it’s worth - this late in the life of this comment thread - yes my poor attempt at humor maybe - but I don’t much like Rod Stewart - not a bad musician - he’s better as a band member though but mostly I don’t like how he ignored the apartheid era boycott of South Africa and played Sun City.

Of course, others also ignored the boycott - like Queen, Elton John, Linda Ronstadt, and others.

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