Love, sex, and trackers - Tinder and other dating apps are spies in your bedroom

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In a bombshell report on Tuesday, it was revealed that Tinder users are left vulnerable to voyeurs, blackmail, and targeted surveillance. Researchers at security firm Checkmarx demonstrated that Tinder doesn’t encrypt photos, allowing someone on the same network to copy these files or even insert their own photos into the app. Worse, the data that is encrypted by Tinder is predictable, allowing the researchers to decipher “exactly what the user sees on his or her screen… What they’re doing, what their sexual preferences are, a lot of information.” Apparently, that student who e-mailed every Claudia at Missouri State had other options to find the one he was looking for.


Stop using dating apps! Go out into the real world. Meet someone. Imagine that.

Rant concluded. Carry on.


“Tinder and other dating apps are spies in your bedroom”

everyone’s a critic. guess I’ll have to dress better too.


Go out into the real world.

Try being a LGBT looking to date in a rural area. It just doesn’t work like that.


Easier said than done, yo; try being a full time single mom.

And guess what?

People don’t meet each other at the grocery store or the library or where-the-fuck-ever they met 20-30 years ago. Practically everywhere you go in public now people have on earbuds and they’re staring at their devices.


perhaps I’m mistaken but I thought things were tantamount TO something else - am guessing you meant to go for paramount…


Oh boy, My dear Wife and I are missing out, again…


funny. i had not considered it, but i am often stopped by random strangers when i do my grocery shopping each week to be queried about different products and/or their location in the store which proceeds into conversations about other topics. i had wondered if it was because i seemed friendly and receptive or that i must be knowledgeable about the store because of all the food i had in my basket. i had not considered the fact that, since i do not own a mobile device, i am never seen to be using a device. interesting.


That may have something to do with it; you’re not actively blocking out the rest of the world, so that may make you seem more ‘approachable.’


That used to happen to me quite often. Then I quit wearing tropical shirts to Trader Joe’s. (I think they’ve since changed their uniforms)


A dating app is the one place I can be sure that asking a woman out on a date is welcome. In the ‘real world,’ people aren’t on display waiting for someone to ‘meet’ them – they generally have better things to do.


each year my school provides the teachers with a new “spirit shirt” which usually correlates to the current year’s fad slogan. the year my current building opened, my principal showed that her sense of humor was stronger than her respect for intellectual property laws and had our spirit shirts made in orange with the name of our school put into the font and diagonal style of the home depot logo. on the back of the shirts it said –

“you can do it.
we can help.”

even now, 8 years later it is still my favorite of all the spirit shirts i own. i wash it in cold water on the delicate cycle with woolite and dry it on a hanger so that it still looks almost new.

once i ended up meeting my older son at our local home depot straight from school while i was wearing that shirt . . . hilarity ensued. there were either 4 or 5 customers who stopped me to ask a question during the 15 minutes i was there and at one point while i was looking for led lightbulbs on a shelf an employee patted me on the back and when i turned to look she gave me a thumbs up.


Wearing a red polo shirt when shopping at Target can be… interesting, as I found out.


This is bad but you should probably be using at least a VPN on public wi-fi anyway, wouldn’t that neuter this sort of thing?

ETA: not that it’d do much to stop the trackers that are infesting so many apps.

YOUR world does not define anybody else’s world. YOUR world does not define the “real world” – it only defines your personal view of reality.

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apologetic tone flag
TBH, wearing headphones does help a lot to block out the hellishly annoying audio adverts in larger grocery stores (smaller businesses, i.e. the farmer’s shops, thankfully only have annoying music. I can live with that…).

Staring on my display every now ensures I buy everything on our shopping list, which might be updated even while I am away, shopping.

/ apologetic tone flag


Oh, please don’t mistake my tone for one of derision; I’m totally one of ‘those people’ wearing earbuds most of the time, when I’m out in public - because I’m actively, intentionally avoiding interacting with most other people, unless absolutely necessary.
I own that.

I was just making a point that basic human socialization isn’t the same creature as it was just a few decades ago and meeting people ‘organically’ is much more difficult than it used to be.


I didn’t, no worries.
And we are possibly on the same side in this.

But I feel I should.

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I like the idea of people, and I like certain individuals…


Impossible for many people.