Privacy invasion? Facebook is using your phone's location data to suggest friends

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I’ve never used my phone to log into Fakebook.

Or any other social network either, for that matter.


Am I just too jaded to actually be surprised that Facebook does this?


I’m not surprised either, frankly.


I’ve gotten one of these generated friend invites for our next door neighbor. I wasn’t entirely surprised, but it was still a bit creepy.


I’ve known this for a long time. I moved job locations about six months after a coworker made the same move. FB suggested her as a friend my first day of work at the new location.

I noticed facebook suggested hometown friends when I travelled back to my hometown, but not when I left. I just switched Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services ->Facebook to “Never” on my iphone.


When science fiction writers create dystopias, they rarely get this creepy.


Me neither, and my expectation that Facebook would do something with location data is the reason why.

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Zuckbook knows everything you are doing. Did you see the picture with Zuck and his laptop with the piece of tape over the camera.


Whatever techniques they use to suggest “friends”, those insistent suggestions are extremely annoying. If I wanted to friend that person, Facebook, I would have probably done it the first 100 times you suggested it.


Yeah if you could stop suggesting I friend my ex, FB, that’d be great. 99% of their suggestions are “people I am trying to avoid forever, thanks.”

I did keep getting this suggestion to friend a person with a really weird name, over and over again. It took me two years to realize it was a classmate of mine who went by a nickname at school. It finally clicked for me that they had the same uncommon last name, but FB had her legal first name.


I’ve never understood people getting pissed off about a free service.
Facebook does not belong to it’s user’s and if you don’t like how that service operates, Don’t use said service.

Personally: Never had a facebook account and never will as I don’t like what they do with user info.


Yeah, if you live in a city and don’t like how the water tastes, don’t drink it. Buy some bottled water or something, you whiners.

Seriously, though, a lot of people use facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, and as a result it has insinuated itself into the fabric of everyday life for a lot of people. Just giving it up for privacy concerns would probably go about as well for a lot of people as just giving up a cellphone so that you can’t be physically tracked through cell towers – it would materially impact quality of life for a lot of people for the worse.

And I say this as someone who hates facebook and hasn’t logged in for about 2 years. You may be underestimating the importance of communicating to family and friends for a lot of people.


Is the location tracking active if logged in from a mobile web browser?

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Friends or “friends”?

Imagine a John/Prostitute matching app based on location data?

I’d have a cute little mascot named Berger and call it “In and Out Berger”.

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Facebook is using your phone’s location data to suggest friends

The last ditch effort to make you L O V E Face[less]book.

I’ve tried to avoid this, too. Do I really want FB to know about my phone? No, I do not.

LinkedIn is pretty creepy too. Weirdly, they’re better at coming up with suggestions of people I actually do know. Once they even pulled up the name of a guy who was a friend of my dad’s, whom I last saw at my dad’s funeral in 1991.

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On the bright side now I might be able to find out who some of my neighbors are.


How difficult is it to turn off your phone’s location? You think google or Apple is just using that same data internally to make sure you have puppies near you at all times?

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