Hacked Polaroid camera prints on thermal paper

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/05/07/hacked-polaroid-camera-prints.html

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Before this it would take a few years for your polaroids to fade to nothing but not anymore. These new polaroids will fade in mere months. Temporary photos kinda like temporary tattoos. Interesting idea but I usually like to keep the pics I take not watch them fade away.


Being a photographer at the party using a Game Boy gets your far more street cred.


While I really like hacks like this, and it is an impressive hack…

“Polaroid” sells cameras that do thermal prints on Zink paper for less than this hack probably ended up costing… and saves a digital copy, with a selector for color mode, including a “Vintage Polaroid” and B&W option…

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True, but a while back i watched a retro tech youtube channel go over the gb camera and printer. It really does rate as one of the worst (possibly the worst) digital camera setups ever made :smiley:

Retro street cred is the ONLY thing going for it :wink: (and for that, this converted polaroid scores just as well whilst also producing legible prints)

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If you want less podcast and more action, skip to 5:10

Not bad, but - and this is a big but - it definitely needs to sound like a Polaroid to be cool.

This is why I always scan my temporary tattoos and keep then on archival quality thumb drives.

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