This palm-sized thermal printer can print up your photos in seconds, all without any ink

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Thermal printer ? You don’t want that.


How about instead of a monochrome printer for $65, you spend $5 less and get a portable ink-less color printer?


ZINK paper is not as cheap than thermal paper tho !

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If it’s the same technology that is used in thermal printers for POS, you’re not supposed to recycle that stuff with normal paper, because it contains some toxic shit.

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What’s POS ?
I think the one the Boing Boing shop try to sell us is just using classic receipt thermal paper anyway.

Point Of Sale. In this context.


So everyone is in isolation, but we need portable printers? Even if many weren’t staying home, this sort of printer is kind of social, and now isn’t the time for that.

Luxury in the time of a pandemic.

Classic receipt paper contains Bisphenol A (BPA) or Bisphenol S (BPS):


In France Bisphenol was supposed to be banned from this use in 2015. But it still can be found in receipts.

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I would argue that the other use of the abbreviation (Piece of…) also applies to this device; although the original usage was exactly as you mention. :slight_smile:


Why does everyone hate ink now?

You know what else doesn’t need ink? my cell phone screen.

Dang, looks like this dead horse is already flogged…

…though I guess no-one’s yet noted that these printers traditionally don’t produce what you’d call permanent images. So there’s that…


It’s Snapchat but for printers!

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