Upgrade your adorable little thermal printer with an internet link

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This is neat! I’ve been thinking about setting up something like this for my kid as another way she can stay in touch with cousins overseas. We already email lots of drawings to Nana’s printer :slight_smile:

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I love these conceptually and have almost bought one several times, but note that thermal paper contains BPA or BPS, which can be absorbed through the skin and is bad for the environment.


A quick google search suggests that there are quite a few BPA/BPS/Phenol-free products out there that are still compatible with standard thermal printers. They use urea or ascorbic acid as the heat-sensitive component. They seem to be a bit more expensive, and I can’t vouch for how they look and perform compared to traditional plasticky receipt paper, but alternatives do exist if it’s a concern.


I bought a toy thermal printer off of the amazon. I didn’t turn it into one of these, but I did make it into a Bauhaus printer which sort of amused me

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I keep waiting for this thing to go back in production. I’m always leaving myself notes but can’t always read my own writing.

Smart Sticky Note Printer | Works with Alexa | A Day 1 Editions concept

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This is the first time I thought: maybe that Zebra Printer Language experience will lead to something fun.

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